Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the individual who submitted an onion to the woman associated with the nonprofit stating that her off-the-shoulder attire is disgusting and to grow up and dress her age. Maybe you should grow up and look at the bigger picture. This woman is helping to raise millions of dollars for this community to help save lives.

Orchids to that inappropriate shoulder-baring woman. You have made a huge difference in this community.

Orchids to Janice’s Beauty Salon. It is nice to have someone do in-home haircuts, she does a great job at a low price. I will be using her on a regular basis. Thank you Janice. Elaine

Onions to the local phone store for the worst customer service employees. They act like it is an imposition to assist you. They hunch over the counters, tape your phone parts onto the counters, and all with no smiles. They tell you they can’t activate your phone if you bought it someplace other than their store.

Orchids to Police Chief Dan Doyle. After the 9-11 re-dedication ceremony there was a huge bottleneck of traffic. Chief Doyle, who was a dignitary at the event, took it upon himself to direct traffic and get it moving smoothly. A great example of a fine leader.

Orchids to everyone who has received their covid vaccine. Your action helps protect not only you but my grandchildren and my friends. The more people who get this wonderful protection the better for everyone. Chris

Orchids to the parks in Havasu, beautiful and well maintained. Rotary Park reminds me of my youth at Doheny Park in California. Take your shoes off, walk in the grass, smile and reflect. Ranger Terry.

Onions to the Onions to GOP rallies, we are not going anywhere! We are 80 million and growing so suck it up!

Orchids to the gal who bought my coffee yesterday morning. Thanks!

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that was meant to read ... "all of us as Americans"... It's sad that it's getting to be an abstract idea. Imagine a great country that has been reduced to my team versus your team. As soon as you're done with suck-up thing, try the Grow-Up thing!


"Onions to the Onions to GOP rallies, we are not going anywhere! We are 80 million and growing so suck it up!" Really? According to the polls, the numbers that don't agree with the GOP are even larger, but I prefer to just think of all of as Americans. Perhaps you're the one with the problem who needs to "suck it up."

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