Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the American Legion bartenders for a grand Super Bowl Party! Great food, door prizes and the best staff that work together so well! Excellent job! All donated their time! Came in the night before to decorate also. K & G from ND

Orchids to Gavin, working in the dairy department at Walmart. He has superior customer service, delivered with a smile and a can-do attitude. You set the bar very high, young man, and you made our day. Thank you.

Onions to the big town of Lake Havasu City for doing work on Acoma and Pima. Smoketree and Acoma really needs a light. What is going to have to happen? People do not even give the next person a brake at the stop signs.The mayor needs to stand there and direct traffic and just let’s see what happens. Hope no one gets killed at these stop signs.

Orchids to those who know. For everyone else here is the law for stop signs: Motorists making a left turn must always yield the right-of-way to oncoming traffic. Additionally, the driver reaching the intersection first has the right-of-way unless they are turning left. You’re welcome.

Orchids to the amazing staff of Milemarkers! They have helped not only my child but my entire family. They truly love what they do and want to make a difference. They have services for all ages and are a true asset to Mohave County!

Orchids to Discount Tire on Lake Havasu Avenue for great service. Thank you for staying open and getting us back on the road after a nasty flat tire five minutes before closing time. When another elderly couple came in after us, you went out to help them even though you had closed. Amazing service.

Orchids to Tile and Carpets Unlimited! They came to do repair work on a building we own and they did a great job at a very fair price. We have used them before, and will definitely be calling them again. Thank you, Mark and team!

Onions to the woman in line at the bank. She was bragging to whomever she was on her cell phone with that she was in the bank and not wearing a mask.

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