Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the person who thinks we can control our dog when they are in utter fear. Dogs believe they are protecting us as owners by alerting that someone is too close.

Orchids to Brad at Suddenlink. His extraordinary customer service efforts resolved our “seasonal hold” issues. We are so very grateful for his expertise and work ethic. Thank you!

Onions to Lake Havasu City for not putting a light on Smoketree and Acoma. What are you waiting for, someone to get killed or hurt? Smoketree and Acoma are bad; you can hardly get across the street. People will not wait for their turn. I live right there I see it every single day.

Orchids to Ms. Triassi, principal at Starline Elementary. Despite all the extra time needed to address construction projects and covid tracing, she takes a personal interest in her students. She is always teaching whether it’s academics or social lessons. Our kids are so lucky to have her.

Orchids to Mrs. Hooks at Oro Grande Classical Academy. She’s always greeting our kids with a smile and she teaches them coding and programming!

Orchids to anyone who drives the speed limit on Cherry Tree Blvd. We residents greatly appreciate your decision to drive safely in our neighborhood. If you’re currently speeding up and down our street, and we know who you are, it’s a great time to make a New Year’s resolution.

Orchids to Ed at Craig Plumbing for his knowledge, hard work and great attitude while finding an underground leak at our home.

Orchids to the men who mostly include their wives in their social lives and onions to those men who never include their wife in their social lives it’s clear who the better man is and who has indecent jealous thoughts. Maybe if you got off the bar stool you to could have a partner in your life, Bubba.

Orchids to Jessica at the Sprint store. Very friendly, speedy, accurate. An asset to the company.

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