Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the comment about short term rentals. When did our beautiful town turn into a ‘snob haven?’ Many commoners obviously make enough money to afford luxury vacation rentals. Shame on you!

Orchids to Massachief Jack. Ahoy, Massachief Jack, a happy and well deserved birthday wish to you! What an adventurous life you and Marlene have shared! Thank you for sharing history and your stories. Friends from the other side of Lunie St.

Onions to the bank for closing for so long. Thought there was a law?

Onions to the onion about a plumber renting in your neighborhood. FYI, plumbers are mostly “well to do” people, but you’ll find out why next time you need a repair!

Onions to the Queen of Sheba who lives in her well-to-do neighborhood

who had to endure a common vacationer in the short term rental. A plumber for crying out loud! It’s a real tear jerker and so sad, don’t you think?

Orchids to Big 5 Sporting Goods for making everyone who enters wear a mask. This decision benefits everyone. Thank you.

Onions to the onion writer who complained about renting to plumbers. My grandson is a plumber and makes very good money. Who will you call when your drains plug up? God forbid you ‘well to do’ people get your hands dirty! What a bunch of snobs! I’m glad I’m not your neighbor!

Orchids to the restaurant owners who shut down their businesses now that the virus has bloomed again. Maybe our Mayor should follow their lead.

Onions to Lake Havascrew! My one year there was one too many! You cater to the rich! How sad you will continue to lose teachers yearly because affordable housing does not exist — $200,000 for a one bedroom tiny house? What a joke. What greed! Sickening! A wonderful place to live well that is all a facade!

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