Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Maria at Chevron. Your new hat is but a ray of your beautiful personality. You are kind to all you encounter and it is appreciated by

everyone. Ranger Terry.

Orchids to James at Marshall Computers for helping us get our computer up and running. Great company to help anyone with computer problems. Very helpful and friendly.

Onions to the onion regarding damage to a towed truck. Was the guy a professional recovery person? Did you pay him? Was he the one who put your truck in the ditch? He doesn’t owe you anything. If the tow strap snapped and broke his window, would you pay for it? He was a good guy doing you a favor.

Orchids to the person who placed the sign recently on South Palo Verde and Acoma Blvd. Ditto....So true.

Onions to the Cro-Magnon at the south-side Human Bean who told the employees to hurry up because you had to go to work. You even honked at them. I was in the car directly behind you. Try waking up earlier. Better yet, make coffee at home so you don’t embarrass yourself anymore little boy.

Onions to people still complaining about not wearing masks. Some of us beat covid the old fashioned way. There are three vaccines out there, if you’re that scared, get one and take the stupid face diapers off.

Onions to the company with the big food delivery trucks that have decided to no longer serve Havasu. Just shut down and stop this “no one knows when they’ll be coming” nonsense.

Orchids to Taylor Brandlen with Air Control. He installed my RO system on Wednesday, answered all of my questions, and smiled even while he worked in a very hot garage. Great Job!

Orchids to Dr. Garcia’s office who donated $100 for my book “A Chicago Story” raising money for Doctors Without Borders.

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