Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to those who will not abide by mask mandates. This is not about you. It is not about me. It’s about us. It has nothing to do with government oppression. It has everything to do with Americans caring for and about Americans.

Onions to the hateful, ignorant person who submitted an onion to the parents of the 3 year old who had a bicycle accident. Do you know he was unsupervised?

Orchids to the young man with wife and two boys at Tavern 95 on Veterans Day who bought our lunch and thanked me for my service. USAF CAP. Thank you.

Orchids to Tavern 95 for your kindness to an old veteran and his wife. God bless all of you.

Onions to the inconsiderate neighbor on Winterhaven Drive. Who cares so little about his dog or neighbors that he makes the dog stay outside all day and sometimes at night to just bark constantly at nothing. I think people like that should not have a animal.

Orchids to The Friends of Hospice of Havasu Crafters for organizing an incredible boutique.

The items were unique and demonstrated thoughtful craftsmanship. Thank you for the opportunity to shop for the holidays as well as gifts for friendship bags!

Orchids to the people threatening to not return to certain stores. The stores will be less crowded, thanks.

Orchids to snowbirds. Welcome back! Now to my point. Perhaps you people could refrain from taking all the early appointments in town. I’m talking doctor and hair. Leave those for us that had to suffer through summer. Locals deserve the early.

Orchids to the bicycle caper. Now, put those officers out on State Route 95.

Orchids to Chase Bank North, they excel in customer service. As for Chase in town, well...

Onions to the pot holes and mess at the intersection of State Route 95 and Mulberry. Our leaders would never let this happen to a pickleball court.

Orchids to the ice skating rink for accomidating the Girl Scouts.

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