Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the individual(s) who think Lake Havasu City should spend taxpayer funds on a homeless shelter. Homeless shelters bring more homeless, crime, and vice. If you are that concerned about the homeless, use your own money to build one and then enjoy your new friends. How many homeless are you currently taking care of?

Onions to the 90% of vehicles that quickly dash past me when my cruise is set at the speed limit, or maybe +1. Why is everyone in a hurry? The sign means the maximum legal speed limit.

Onions to residential people who run a business out of their home and leave a trash trailer in front of their home for the rest of us to look at. Find somewhere else to park your trailer for days on end.

Orchids to Judy for all the great years we’ve had I’m looking forward to many, many more. This ninth of September is your birthday and I will be looking forward to celebrating more of those too. I love you! Your Hubby!

Orchids to the few who treat those around them with kindness. They see the good with no hesitation. They give without expecting anything in return. Ranger Terry.

Onions to the mechanic my deceased husband went to for many years. For 2.5 years, that mechanic has told me his computer said nothing was wrong with my vehicle. His computer had the covid virus.

Orchids to Accurate Auto Care recommended by Patty Gillmore. Jake at the front desk said they would find the problems. I say they have real mechanics with the knowledge to repair vehicles. It is wonderful to be driving a 21 year old vehicle that runs like new.

Orchids to Sheryl at Safeway. She is always nice and just plain pleasant to do transactions with. She saves us money through her vast knowledge of the coupons and bonus buys. Thanks!

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Onions to the Onion about the Homeless.


allover, I agree. That onion was so unAmerican and hopefully not where our community is headed.


I have to add that I was definitely disappointed that our city did not provide water stations this year for high heat warning days. I believe that this was the first year that we didn’t.


HG The well was dry! They purchased a gym to convert to a 7 million dollar municipal court house with private water closets for da judges and a lift for second floor access. They got no stinkin' $$$$ for water stations!


Onions to the 10% er who sets their cruise control at the speed limit, drives in the passing lane and has a number of vehicles behind, creating a motorcade of angry drivers. Wake-up Dumbo!, get a life, move over and let traffic pass! You could cause an accident with cars passing you on the right!

Too old for this

The left lane is for people who have sh*t to do!


twosie - So you NEVER use it, right?


Onions to 90%. So you are the person who sets the

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