New coronavirus cases in Lake Havasu City, Mohave County and Arizona are declining enough to note significant progress. The worst reaction would be wild celebration.

There are still new cases. A lot of them. People are still dying. The battle to deal with coronavirus is far, far, far from over.

The case trends have looked better for a couple of weeks, though, which is long enough to suggest that some new orders issued by Gov. Ducey on June 29 are doing some good. More than anything, the good results are coming from wider acceptance that distancing, face masks in enclosed environments and hygiene play huge roles in tamping down transmission of the virus.

Arizona’s new cases per day has dropped almost half from late June and early July, a period that saw new cases averaging around 4,500 per day and as high as 5,437, according to the state health department. Likewise, Mohave County new cases are showing similar drops from 100 or more per day to 50 or so.

It looks as though a few more weeks of distance and masking and good cleaning might put a major damper on the virus. The current effort is working. Credit goes to the people of Arizona, especially those who overcame reservations to live with masks and distancing orders.

If it’s working, it makes sense to continue.

Recognize, though, there are caveats to the current trend. In Arizona generally and Mohave County specifically, the number of tests is increasing but is still relatively low. On the other hand, the number of people testing positive is way too high, signifying the disease hasn’t run its course in communities.

Testing results that take days to obtain are further hurting the effort. A lot of infection can be spread while waiting.

The good news is that test availability is improving, though not at the level needed locally. It’s ridiculous that one-day tests results are available in La Paz County but not Mohave.

Coronavirus will be with us for quite a while but local and state residents appear to be making a difference in slowing the spread.

The improvements and progress are noteworthy and offer optimism the virus can indeed be held in check.

— Today’s News-Herald


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Finally, a voice of reason! While Ducey finally decided to put Arizonans first over Party, we should have been on the down swing months ago! Our Mayor was negligent as well! Mask or Casket! Put on your adult pants and wear a mask!



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