America will remember Jan. 6, 2021, for a very long time. Images of an angry, violent mob pushing its way into the U.S. Capitol Building are already burned into our collective memory.

Outrage across the nation is palpable, with some calling for the immediate removal of President Trump from office just 13 days before the end of his term.

It’s not debatable that some Trump supporters crossed a bright red line on Wednesday, and the people involved should pay a steep price, including fines and jail time.

Unfortunately, and perhaps unfairly, their actions reflect on Trump and the entire Republican party, and efforts by party faithful to distance themselves from Wednesday’s events are viewed by many as mere damage control. In the minds of Trump’s opponents, the insurrectionists confirmed what they’ve been saying about the president’s supporters for these last four years.

What a sad conclusion.

Whoever those folks were, they’re not the Trump supporters we know so well in Mohave County. The Republican Party we know is full of patriotic Americans who love a vigorous debate and are committed to the rule of law. These other people were anarchists, plain and simple.

What we saw in Washington two days ago was un-American.


One thing that isn’t so clear is whether President Trump himself is responsible for what happened. We’re inclined to say he’s not -- at least, not totally. Despite the national narrative, Trump didn’t tell the morons at his rally to push past police officers, destroy public property and terrorize members of Congress and Capitol staff. But Trump is hardly blameless.The president goaded the excitable crowd, and when some of them took things too far, he did precious little beyond a couple of underwhelming tweets to stop the storm he had helped set into motion.

As alarming as the news was this week, the sympathetic reactions it got in some circles were even more so.

Trump supporters ought to be clear -- as the president finally was in a video posted to Twitter late Thursday afternoon -- that they abhor and condemn the violence we witnessed this week.

— Today’s News-Herald


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Typhoid Donnie is to blame for the actions of conservative/fascist domestic terrorists who after hearing him tell them to march to and take over the Capitol the ignorant fools did so.

End result people dead people injured, massive damage and Joe Biden will still our president in 12 days.


Here we have a typical “Democrat!” They continue to point fingers and blame others for their wrong doings! It’s time people be held responsible for actions “they’ve made!” News Herald, I hope this is more appropriate. What a joke that you pulled my original comment!


"Your" (sic) - Any "wrong doings" on the 6th were the result of our fascist leader attempting the take over of our government. He stirred up the conservative/fascist domestic terrorists to attack and ransack the hallmark of our democracy, the United States Capitol building. These pathetic losers need to all be rounded up, arrested and charged with the murders of five people. Want to see just how pathetic these fools are, here is the woman who was - justifiably - killed by Capitol Police.

Aa to your original comment, I imagine it was as stupid as the latest one.

Ashli Babbitt, who died after being shot by Capitol police. Looking at her social-media footprint paints a picture of a woman who was angry at most government leaders, devoted to Trump, and who had been sucked into a dangerous fantasy world of QAnon and election-fraud conspiracies spun by right-wing hucksters and Trump sycophants.

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