We’ve heard no objections over the way Mohave County’s elections were conducted this year. County Elections Director Allen Tempert called the Nov. 4 event a “total success,” and that’s saying something, considering this year’s challenges over covid-19 worries, a highly charged political climate and record voter turnout.

It’s seriously impressive that the county elections department coordinated, without any major problems, 400 volunteers, processed 105,000 ballots and assisted 24,000 people who voted in person at the polls. The only issue reported by poll watchers was a computer terminal left unattended in one polling location.

Mohave County got its election right. We should celebrate when things in our community go well — especially when that’s not the case in so many other places.

So it’s disappointing that the Mohave County Board of Supervisors declined certify the election results because of issues elsewhere in the state.

Supervisor Ron Gould said he didn’t feel comfortable “closing it out” because of the contentious presidential election in Arizona, which has resulted in close scrutiny and a razor-thin margin between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Three of his colleagues on the board agreed.

But here’s the thing: The contentious issues that have made headlines, such as Sharpie-gate and the Dominion voting machines, simply aren’t issues in Mohave County.

Our leaders seem to be confident in our results and they had a chance to make a statement to the rest of the watching world that we know how to elections right in Mohave County.

Supervisors’ action —or lack of it —was intended to be a political statement, but it raises eyebrows from people who don’t know any better and might assume our elected leaders are suspicious of the local election process. Tempert points out that the canvassing process is the county’s stamp of approval. “By giving our canvass we’re saying this is a total, complete count, and bringing this process to closure.”

Supervisors say they’ll turn in the canvass right on deadline — state law gives them until Tuesday to do so. A special meeting is scheduled for Monday for the canvass.

There’s little reason to think it won’t be approved. Our supervisors should emphatically do so. Signed with a Sharpie.

— Today’s News-Herald


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Dawn King

The news herald is missing the key point of the twumpublican "argument”.......namely that the vote should be limited only to evangelical racist white people.


Dawn, yep. It is amazing how many members of the Typhoid Donnie Moron Brigade want all votes, except those for the maniacal, whiny man-child destroyed. And I have to admit I ... well...let me explain:

Evangelicals keep comparing Typhoid Donny to Jesus Christ.

Fair enough.

Nail him up.

If he comes back in three days, I’ll admit I was wrong.



This opinion piece is co-authored by the following former elected leaders, most of which are Republicans:

Judith Allen, former clerk, Maricopa County Superior Court

Daniel Barker, Ret. former judge, Arizona Court of Appeals

Rebecca Berch, former chief justice, Arizona Supreme Court

Jennifer J. Burns, former Arizona State representative

Sam Campana, former mayor of Scottsdale

Heather Carter, former Arizona state senator

Deb Gullett, former Arizona state representative

Wes Gullett, former chief of staff to Arizona Gov. Fife Symington

Hugh Hallman, former Mayor of Tempe

Pete Hershberger, former Arizona state representative

Jim Kolbe, former U.S. representative for Arizona

Jerry Lewis, former Arizona state senator

Steve May, former Arizona state representative

Kris Mayes, former chairman, Arizona Corporation Commission

Peggy Neely, former vice mayor, Phoenix

Scott O’Connor, former Paradise Valley councilmember

Robin Shaw, former Arizona state representative

Roberta Voss, former Arizona state representative

Grant Woods, former Arizona attorney general

Bob Worsley, former Arizona state


The American people have elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the next President and Vice President of the United States. They were elected with 306 electoral votes – including Arizona’s 11 – far more than the minimum 270 to be elected. But the work of governing the country does not begin for Biden and Harris when they are sworn in on January 20, 2021.

As former Republican office holders here in Arizona, we can tell you that transitioning into government that effectively serves its citizens starts the moment the campaign ends. No one let us wait for the results to be certified. We immediately got to work in our respective offices by meeting with staff and getting up to speed on issues we would be handling so that we could be most productive for our constituents. If we had waited until the day we were sworn in to do these things we would have been wandering in the dark rather than doing the work we were elected to do. We just elected all 90 of our state legislators, and though their races have yet to be certified, they are already at work at the state Capitol preparing for a new legislative session.

Now that the election for president has been independently called for Joe Biden, it is imperative that the Administrator of the General Services Administration ascertains Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to be the President-elect and Vice President-elect. For the past 60 years since Congress passed the Presidential Transition Act to ensure a smooth and orderly transfer of power, the GSA Administrator has usually ascertained the apparent winner within 24 hours of the election. By passing the Presidential Transition Act, Congress has acknowledged how critical this period is for the safety and well-being of the country.

Once GSA makes an ascertainment, the executive branch is required to provide critical services to the transition team to ensure the smooth transfer of power to the next administration so the next administration is ready to govern on day one. We are facing unprecedented crises as a country. The COVID-19 pandemic is raging, and we can’t afford to wait any longer for the next administration to prepare to take office and begin the hard work of addressing this problem and uniting the American people in the cause of the virus’s defeat. Delayed ascertainment additionally endangers our national security by not allowing the incoming administration to receive classified intelligence briefings on the threats to our country. In a post-9/11 world, this is a serious misstep we cannot allow, which is why several current and former national security officials of both political parties have called for the transition to begin immediately.

The GSA Administrator has never been prevented in 60 years from ascertaining the result of the presidential election because of recounts or refusals by one candidate to concede. The GSA has never waited for formal certification of results by the states either.

Not all of us voted for the Biden-Harris ticket. We won’t agree with every decision they make. But the election is over, the results are clear and the time to heal from our partisan divisions and allow our President-elect and Vice President-elect the chance to effectively govern starts now. That begins with the ascertainment of the election and we call on the Administrator of the GSA to do so immediately.


👍👍 Thank you, HavasuGuy. Up until now, this was the American Way.


The supervisors are concerned about voting fraud committed by the tRUMP campaign, they can't believe that there are that many people dumb enough to vote for tRUMP in Mohave county...


HG, Curiously my support for your posting the editorial was removed. I guess it offended someone. So, once again - GOOD JOB [thumbup][thumbup]


BigBob - Thank you!

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