With the coronavirus pandemic and nationwide protests occupying our attention for much of the first half of this year, it’s understandable if you haven’t given much thought to the upcoming election. But don’t let the firehose of information stop you from doing some research. There are some important races coming up -- from the presidency in November to local races that could get decided in the August primary. At the local level, the Lake Havasu City Council races deserve your attention. There are six candidates hoping to occupy three seats on the board that has the greatest potential to have a direct impact on your life -- most notably through the ability to raise taxes.

Additionally, this election has the potential to act as a referendum on how the mayor and the current city council have handled the coronavirus response.

The City Council will have important decisions to make, particularly in the area of spending and taxation, as the city figures out how to replace the expiring Irrigation and Drainage District and how to guide the budget process through the ongoing economic turmoil. We need smart people at the helm of Lake Havasu City. Fortunately, Havasu voters have some good options on the ballot.

Voters will need to decide which of them deserve a shot at the Council dais.

A forum hosted by Today’s News-Herald, Radio Central and the Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce, would have put those candidates on stage tonight at the Aquatic Center, but like most events, the pandemic resulted in its cancellation. It’s these kinds of events that separate the good candidates from the less prepared ones, so it’s unfortunate that voters haven’t yet had an opportunity to poke and prod at the people hoping to represent them.

That said, all of the candidates running for election have already said plenty. You can get a sense of what they think about a number of important local issues in the election guide inserted in Sunday’s News-Herald. If you missed it, you can still get a copy from our office at 2225 W. Acoma Blvd. or you can find it at HavasuNews.com.

— Today’s News-Herald


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Yes please don't get distracted, remember who told you that Covid would only kill 15, that his administration had it under control in March while he was holding a rally. Don't get distracted but remember who just held rally's during this emergency, attracted numerous people to come in close contact with no face mask, in direct conflict with his own health officials strong recommendation. Remember who said they could shoot someone in the head in the middle of the street and his followers would still support him, remember the 125,000 dead due to that reckless attitude.

Objective Dialectic

When I looked in the e-edition, I did not find the voter's guide. Does anyone know where I can find this special edition?


No, I clicked on the link and it didn't come up. I then tried using the search function on their website for it but it didn't come up either....


Did you look in the special sections: https://www.havasunews.com/special_sections/

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