Eyes or throat feeling a bit scratchy? Smoke from California wildfires continue to ignore state borders and the haze can have a negative effect on health. Lake Havasu City hasn’t been hit with severe air quality alerts but warnings shouldn’t replace what a person’s body is saying. Lots of people are noting the effects.

Health officials agree that the wildfire smoke poses hazards and produce many reactions.

It’s not lost on anyone that smoke effects can be similar to some coronavirus symptoms. Or flu. Breathing difficulties, itchy throat and eyes, runny noses and headaches are common to all.

The medical advice is also similar, from staying inside at home to wearing face masks, particularly the N95 protective masks.

Those looking for the positives will say that all bases are covered by staying home and wearing masks.

Many places in the West are experiencing much worse air quality than Mohave County. For that we can be grateful while understanding that our intermittently hazy skies are a literal breath of fresh air for those escaping the fires. As always, Havasu is a great escape.

We’re hardly encouraging people to shelter in place because of the smoke. We do encourage everyone to recognize the potential cumulative effect of a couple of weeks or more of living, working and playing in an unhealthy haze.

Western Arizona is fortunate to avoid the blazes and destruction and intensely smoky air farther west. It’s not immune to all the effects.

The good news is that people are already well familiar with the more intensive protections – masks, of course.

And if someone thinks their sneeze might mean coronavirus, a few hours of air conditioned air might clear things up and answer the question.

— Today’s News-Herald


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