What will Lake Havasu City be like without the majority of its fall and winter public events? We hope to not find out.

Despite cancellations of many high profile events – the balloon festival, the Run to the Sun car show and many others – plenty are still going forward. The long-running world personal watercraft racing championships will offer a scaled-back event. Winterfest, the largest-attended winter event, is in wait-and-see mode.

The watercraft races are water based with little city permit involvement. Likewise, the pro-Trump rally Labor Day weekend went off with plenty of boaters and others on shore without a permit.

The core concern on city events permits is the Arizona state order to limit crowds to no more than 50. Arizona’s coronavirus metrics are improving, creating optimism that crowd size limits can be removed.

The big events though are about much more than people showing up. Suppliers and vendors need to plan. This kind of certainty evaporated about six months ago. On the other hand, those vendors are probably more prepared than ever to work on short notice should events get green lighted.

Should Gov. Doug Ducey lift crowd restrictions, we hope city government, along with any other agencies involved, can streamline permitting for events.

We hope the governor is paying close attention to the pseudo-science coming out of the Sturgis, S.D. motorcycle rally. A study published last week pegging the public health cost at some $12 billion dollars as a result of thousands and thousands of coronavirus infections form the rally. Experts have discredited the study though no one’s denying that some people probably got sick.

Most people are getting pretty savvy on keeping distance and wearing masks and washing hands. For the noisy outliers who fight against masks, we’d have to agree that at least half the virus science is wrong. But which half? Doing whatever it takes to keep the contagion rate falling is in everyone’s best interest.

Either with restrictions or by working with them, it’s important to give events every chance. They are important to residents and visitors and deserve a chance to run.

— Today’s News-Herald


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