We’d like to welcome Mohave County Supervisors to Lake Havasu City. It’s been a while since the board has held a meeting here. It’s easy to forget about Havasu when you’re governing in Kingman, 70 miles away. Oh, Havasu has plenty of representation on the board, with supervisors Ron Gould and Buster Johnson in charge of districts that cover this area. But Gould and Johnson are two voices, and they’re often drowned out or ignored by others who don’t vote with Lake Havasu City residents in mind.

We thought we’d use this occasion as an opportunity to reintroduce the other three supervisors, and the various county employees who will be here today, to our fine community of 53,000 people.

We’re a fiercely independent bunch, but the board is no doubt well aware of that — roughly 40 years ago, Lake Havasu City residents were pushing a secession plan that would create a new “Havasu County” in Arizona, because of those same complaints about being ignored that we still hear today.

We’re also home to a couple of Arizona’s top tourism draws — the London Bridge and the lake, with its vast expanse of open waters — and the tourism they generate provide Mohave County with lots of tax revenue.

Importantly, Lake Havasu City is the largest of Mohave County’s four incorporated communities, and it’s the largest tax base for the county by far. So you can imagine why it’s a little frustrating when the county refuses to spend money on providing services here instead of centralizing everything in Kingman.

Look, we appreciate that Mohave County Supervisors are stepping out of their comfort zone and meeting in Lake Havasu City today. We hope local residents will show up at City Hall at 9:30 a.m. to get some face time, or simply take advantage of the opportunity to observe county government in action. Mostly, we hope that today’s visit marks the beginning of a new relationship between Lake Havasu City residents and the county government —one that is based on respect, communication, and most importantly, proper representation.

— Today’s News-Herald


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