A couple of accolades for Lake Havasu City underscore why people choose to live here.

Last month, Men’s Journal website named Lake Havasu City as the nation’s best town for water sports. The rating considered the gamut of water activities, from boating to paddleboarding to fishing and scuba diving.

The article hit the highlights, well known to residents and regular visitors: All those sunny days, hundreds of miles of shoreline and some 60 miles of navigable waterways.

It’s a pond large enough to accommodate a range of activities and it’s in a setting that invites year-round enjoyment.

So the “best town for watersports” designation is probably a foregone conclusion for many, and it’s nice to have the national recognition.

Lake Havasu City beat out a couple of not-too-shabby runnerups: South Lake Tahoe, Calif., and Lake Placid, N.Y. The remainder of the top ten lake towns were nicely scattered around the country.

The second accolade isn’t directly as much fun, but it leaves more money in the pocketbook to have some of that fun. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance named Lake Havasu City as having the third-lowest taxes among the 30th largest cities in Arizona.

It said low property taxes were the main reason, with 2017 rates among the lowest five in the state. General sales taxes were below average at 7.85% and there are no grocery taxes. Bar and restaurant taxes of an additional 1 percent are middle-of-the-pack for Arizona.

Where are taxes even lower? The report said Scottsdale and Sun City have the lowest taxes in the state. At the high-tax end, Tucson and the region around it occupied many of the top spots.

The takeaway for either a potential resident or even a visitor is pretty obvious: Nation-leading water fun and a city where money goes further than it does in other top destinations.

Kiplinger’s earlier this year also named Lake Havasu City as one of 15 “satellite cities” set to thrive.

Those are pretty nice testaments to Lake Havasu City, at least for those who care about great fun and personal finance.

— Today’s News-Herald


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