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If there was ever a weekend for locals to avoid going out on Lake Havasu, this weekend is it. We say that every year, of course, but this year, with the increasing crowds and the continued warnings about the need for social distancing, it truly is good advice.

Mother Nature is poised to offer the signature Lake Havasu experience — sunny, in the high 90s and low 100s. Perfect boating weather. That alone is usually enough to bring on the crowds.

Memorial Day serves as Lake Havasu’s unofficial kickoff to summer, and this year, with so many people itching to get out after two months of being cooped up at home, it’s reasonable to assume the visitor numbers are going to be very high.

We appreciate that Lake Havasu is held in such high regard by visitors, even if we’re a little on edge about so many people descending on our small city in the midst of a pandemic.

Memorial Day has always been a weekend for the visitors. Locals know it’s usually better to stay home.

Dense holiday crowds usually mean a mix of skilled and unskilled boaters, some of them inebriated, which is a recipe for danger. When the number of people on the lake rises in such dramatic fashion, injuries and deaths are not uncommon.

We got a taste of that last weekend, with three separate boat accidents occurring over two days in the same spot on the Parker Strip.

We expect local law enforcement will be on the prowl for boaters who’ve had too much to drink or are operating their vessels recklessly.

If you absolutely must be on the lake this weekend, please be careful. It’s always fun to people-watch during a stroll down the Bridgewater Channel or at one of our lakeside parks. (It may be interesting to note that this year, face masks may cover up more skin than a swimsuit ever would.)

Use your best judgment and avoid the crowded areas as best as you can — it will help you avoid accidents, as well as contracting or spreading coronavirus.

But we suggest letting the visitors have the lake this weekend — the rest of us have all summer long to enjoy it.

— Today’s News-Herald


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It is an excellent message which shall fall on the deaf ears of the locals as they demonstrate their immunity to this virus by crowding the main street bars, taverns and saloons during the week. It shall also be ignored by our neighboring states inhabitants on our western border who now ranks 5th in our nation with an infected count of 83,844 and counting!


Some will enjoy the weekend at Havasu Lake, California and some will enjoy Lake Havasu City, Arizona's half of the lake. But there are some that will enjoy both. Do we really need to paint a line down the middle? Lmao.



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