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U.S. Sen. Martha McSally was among the Lincoln Day Dinner's prominent speakers.

This pandemic has claimed plenty of victims – among them, the Lake Havasu City economy. Gov. Doug Ducey’s stay-at-home order had devastating effects on local businesses just as spring break was getting started and the Easter season was on its way. Small retailers and restaurateurs who couldn’t easily adapt to take-out requirements were hit hard.

The coronavirus created the perfect economic storm for Lake Havasu City and Mohave County, particularly in the hospitality industry. Things got bad quickly, during what is normally one of the most lucrative times of year for Havasu businesses. Many rely on spring and summer tourism dollars to sustain them throughout the rest of the year. Our winter visitors went home early. Our spring breakers never came. The damage to the local economy was evident early on, so a report that Mohave County led the state in unemployment change in May comes as no surprise. The department reported last month that Mohave County saw its unemployment rate drop a couple full percentage points faster than the rest of the state.

The latest developments in the coronavirus crisis will no doubt make things worse for the local economy. Businesses will need to continue to rely on support from federal assistance like the paycheck protection program until they’re able to reopen with any kind of certainty.

One suggestion by Arizona Sen. Martha McSally could provide a direct injection of cash to tourism communities like Lake Havasu City. She introduced legislation last week that would provide tax credits to Americans who spend money on tourism-related expenses, including lodging and entertainment. McSally points out that travel and tourism in Arizona accounts for more than $3 billion in tax receipts and employs more than 180,000 people. Because of the economic downturn, Arizona’s hospitality unemployment rate is around 35 percent.

McSally’s bill has kinks that’ll need to be ironed out to be sure, but this is an industry in bad need of help, and that’s scary news for Havasu, where a majority of residents have jobs that are connected to hospitality. A targeted stimulus may be just what the doctor ordered, and we hope McSally’s efforts gain traction.

Besides providing some much-needed assistance, her bill also offers a pretty good incentive for all of us to take a vacation as soon as it’s safe to do so. After all, with all this social distancing, quarantining and negativity, who couldn’t use the break?

— Today’s News-Herald


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Deaton deaton deaton, keep drinking the koolaide. Good to see your view on masks changed the same time the views on faux news did. Why would anyone vote for someone who only votes in line with trump, has never called out his behavior's or attacks on allies and has never took a stand on the Covid as our state sets record infections. Maybe vote for someone who will challenge stupidity and actually care about the people and our health. Obviously trump doesn't, evidence of his rally's! Wonder how Herman Cain is feeling about rally's right now.


You have been warned about Russian operatives doing everything possible to disrupt the upcoming elections by lying to confuse the massively stupid, an example of that are fools making the claim that Mark Kelly is a “gun grabber.” Kelly along with nearly 90% of true Americans wants common sense gun control legislation.

Kelly didn’t know what a “bump stock” was before the Las Vegas mass shooting—but he says signs Congress is moving quickly to ban the semiautomatic rifle modification prove what he and other gun control advocates have argued for years: Pass the right kind of laws, and lives will be saved. Even the National Rifle Association (a domestic terrorist organization) agrees on this one. Kelly said, “They have just turned that argument upside down. And that’s a good thing. You know, maybe people have to be educated, right?”

Kelly has never had much sympathy for people in Washington who tell him the answer isn’t new gun laws. He cites the comparative statistics on gun violence in states with stronger background checks and other restrictions to prove it, and like the engineer he trained as before going to space, can’t quite figure how anyone in good conscience responds to those by repeatedly citing the NRA (a domestic terrorist organization) rating of him

“I think if you’re a member of Congress and you fundamentally believe laws don’t work, you should quit. I mean, you really should. You’re in the wrong job. And that goes for anything, including this issue,” Kelly said.


Actually it's not McSally's idea. Two weeks ago McConnell was talking about providing a tax credit for travel as part of a new stimulus package. That said, I have to ask at a time when people should be staying home as much as possible to stop the spread of Covid-19, why would you offer an incentive to travel? For that matter, why would anybody risk becoming a statistic for a tax incentive to save the travel industry. My business has lost money, but you just grin and bare it for the common good. Once again the Republicans are placing the economy ahead of life. I thought they were all about the sanctity of life. At this point it's clear that the overwhelming support for opening the economy the first time came from Republicans. It's also clear it was a mistake. While I already have a list of reasons not to vote for McSally, did she actually think I needed one more?


The voting record of our non-elected senator is truly abysmal. She opposes taxing businesses, consumer protection, environmental protection, financial sector regulation, gun control, humane immigration policy, labor rights and wages, racial equality, increasing revenues, taxing the wealthy, countering Russian interference, women's rights. However she supports big business, is hawkish foreign policy, taxing the middle class, avoiding default, poverty amelioration, higher spending, and domestic surveillance. And despite her claim in 2018 she has not lead “the fight” to force insurance companies to, "force insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions." In fact she had consistently voted to do away with the ACA that would throw millions of American off of their health insurance. McSally is BAD for Arizona, Vote Mark Kelly!

Mr Lemons

That's a good idea that Senator McSally has come up with. McSally is hard at work for the people of Arizona. Her opponent, Kelly, however, has been far more secretive about his investment in a Chinese company in a commercial space exploration venture he co-founded. The company, tech giant Tencent, is one of the world’s largest internet enterprises and owns the Chinese social media platform WeChat. The text platform has more than a billion users and is suspected of monitoring the activity of many of them inside and outside of China. I would, also like to know more of his views concerning the "culture war" that's taking place in the United States. Does he support Black Lives Matter? Does he support law enforcement? Does he believe that systemic racism exists at NASA? Would he take a knee when he hears the Star-Spangled Banner?


The idea actually came from McConnell a couple of weeks ago. McSally has never had an independent idea in her political life. She has always ridden on tRUMP's coattails.


McSally, Arizonians didn't want her in 2018 and in 2020, we don't need her!

Vote for a true American Hero, Mark Kelly - 2020!


HavasuGuy [batman] I’ll be voting for Martha! A vote for the space Dude Kelly is just one step closer to the day when the firearm confiscator’s are serving law abiding gun owners with seizure orders to confiscate their legally owned firearms acquired for personal, family, and home protection and won’t take one illegally possessed gun from criminal prohibited possessors! [thumbdown][ohmy] Deaton


HG you wouldn't know a Patriot if you were on your knees and they were in front of you. Mark Kelly is sponsored and supported by China

McSally 2020 She's done an outstanding Job! You should be a good Democrat and support women!


McSally is simply pandering in an attempt to make people forget how she has thrown millions under the bus by supporting the impeached guy squatting in the White House and his attempt to do away with the ACA .

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