California’s profession, full-time politicians in Sacramento need to take some time off.

The spate of new laws that went into effect this month show the state is increasingly a country unto itself, far apart from mainstream America.

Here’s a rundown of some of the laws that went into effect:

• Extra gasoline tax: Another 6 cents per gallon bringing the total to 60 cents per gallon. Maybe there are high-speed trains in the future, or more likely not. It’s a lot of taxes for a transportation network that is at best adequate.

• No more hairstyle discrimination: Lawmakers bought the argument that certain hairstyles are worn only by people of specific races, so obviously hairstyle figures into racial discrimination. Sounds like this law actually reinforces stereotyping but the good news it applies to anyone having a bad hair day, too, regardless of race.

• No more “eat lead”: Hundreds of grade B crime movies are now obsolete in California, which now bans lead in gun ammunition. Lead ammo is indeed bad for wildlife in some cases. California, no surprise, took it to an extreme with a statewide ban. If one makes it harder to get ammo, at some point they give up.

• Ammunition background checks: See above. The new law requires a background check ($1, please) before buying ammunition. The stated objective is to track down “ghost guns” that aren’t registered in the state. It appears designed to make people quit using guns. Gun owners were stocking up in advance. It could be good for Arizona ammo dealers, though bringing ammo back into California is also forbidden now. Voters approved the so-called gun safety measures.

These examples are unsurprising developments, given California’s political climate. The ammo bills, in particular, provide context for the movement in the City of Needles to become a “sanctuary city” for guns.

There are some decent laws in California’s latest batch. One in particular: Veterans of the armed services can now have the word veteran placed on their driver’s license free of charge. This should reduce the burden for them to haul discharge papers around when seeking veteran services.

One good law, though, won’t keep the rest of them from stinking.

— Today’s News-Herald


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And many Californians are moving to Arizona.


And unfortunately bringing the same politics that ruined California with them [thumbdown]


"...the City of Needles to become a 'sanctuary city' for guns." Sadly the Needles City Council feels guns are more important than the community having a grocery store, but on the up side they can buy pot.


Rovr, do you buy your “Ganga” in Needles? How many bong loads do you do over night? It must be several as you don’t seem to sleep at night? Too bad you can’t pick up “munchies” at the Needles grocery store. [beam]

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