Some new water wells for Lake Havasu City won’t address ongoing concerns about long-term supplies but they will certainly help residents and businesses use what’s available.

The City Council last month approved drilling new wells on the Island and near the water treatment facility on the north side to provide backup water supplies. When complete in July, the wells will add about two million gallons per day to the city’s water availability.

These projects help the city to allow older wells to go offline for maintenance and also anticipate the end of the useful life of older wells. Wells have a lifespan of up to 50 years.

The new wells carry a cost of about $1.4 million and are part of $3.8 million set aside to build redundancy into the city’s water supply. It’s a necessary and beneficial use of the soon-to-sunset Irrigation and Drainage District Tax.

Controversies about water rights and the future of Colorado River supplies get the headlines, but it is projects such as these that assure the public gets to use the water.

On the supply side, by the way, Lake Havasu City has sufficient water rights to allow the city to grow to a population of more than 90,000, barring unimaginable and draconian use restrictions due to drought.

A strong well and treatment system is especially necessary in the city due to its topography. Water wells and treatment plants are located at the bottom of a long alluvial hillside. There are no large water storage tanks at higher elevations in the city.

We commend the city for addressing this potential vulnerability. It’s good to know water will come out when the faucet is turned.

— Today’s News-Herald


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