Ask people what they want from local government, and you’ll get a laundry list of new amenities. New parks? A youth center? A drag strip? Municipal leaders in Lake Havasu City have heard all of these requests and a lot more. Fortunately, they understand that the municipal budget is only able to cover so many things without getting a significant revenue boost.

Lake Havasu City residents like low taxes, and most of us would prefer to keep them that way. And yet, all of us have high quality of life expectations from the city we call home.

No, those aren’t mutually exclusive values.

One local group is showing the rest of us how to get the things we want without committing taxpayers to big new expenses. Mainly, by putting their money where there hearts are.

The Lake Havasu City Pickleball Association has been pushing the city for new courts for years. The city responded to the group’s initial requests by building four courts at Dick Samp Park a few years ago, but for pickleball enthusiasts, it only whetted their appetite for more resources.

Here’s the thing — The Pickleball Association is hardly the only group in town that wants new and improved facilities. Youth sports organizations and local racing enthusiasts would no doubt love for Lake Havasu City to commit some funds toward their interests.

It’s a lot easier for the city to say yes when an organization is offering to kick in its own money. And that’s exactly what the Pickleball Association did, raising $100,000 through donations and raffles to pay for eight new courts at Dick Samp. That financial commitment made it a lot easier for city to give the project the greenlight.

As Mayor Cal Sheehy said at the groundbreaking ceremony, the Pickleball Association’s donation is a great example of citizens in action. It’s great to see the city work closely with community groups to ensure Lake Havasu City residents can have the quality of life they expect.

— Today’s News-Herald


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The Tinnell Memorial Skate Park was built in the same spirit. The Tinnell Foundation submitted a check for nearly $150,000 and paid for the design of the park. Always nice to see people have “skin in the game” vs. asking government to do everything.


Well said, Mayor. Thank you.

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