Groundbreaking ceremony

About 18 people involved in Havasu’s 2017 entry in America’s Best Community committee were in attendance Wednesday at 2121 McCulloch Blvd. for a brief groundbreaking ceremony for Nomadic.

Two groundbreakings were held this week. Both represent big investments in Lake Havasu City’s future.

First was the official kick-off to construction of Nomadic, an innovative shared commercial space in the heart of Lake Havasu City’s downtown. Nomadic will serve as a launch pad and incubator for small businesses.

A day later, developers broke ground on a new housing project on the city’s southside. A housing development on its own isn’t novel, especially in a town that’s going through a pretty significant growth spurt, but the type of housing the developer says he’s building is aimed at an important target market that’s been mostly overlooked over the years: Young families.

We’ve known for some time that Lake Havasu City suffers from the malady of demographic starvation — the idea that the community is growing older without a younger generation of entrepreneurs and skilled workers to replace it. Demographic starvation is how once-thriving cities die on the vine.

Lake Havasu City leaders made demographic starvation the central idea behind its award-winning Vision 2020 Plan, which was embraced by the city and the business community back in 2017. Nomadic represents the first tangible results of the plan. Done right, it will help grow startups into flourishing businesses that add much-needed high-paying jobs to the community — important for a city that wants to retain young workers.

The housing development is also vitally important. Much of Lake Havasu City’s recent growth has focused on pricey real estate developments, but affordable homes are harder to find than ever.

Economically, things might be tough right now and, but with these kinds of projects in motion, Lake Havasu City’s long-term prospects are groundbreaking.

— Today’s News-Herald


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