Restaurants that have reverted to take-out orders deserve credit for recognizing the surge in coronavirus cases and trying to do something about it.

Many political pronouncements about reopening after the virus are put in the context of “moving forward” and resisting “moving backward.” It’s great to be resolute but not so wise to ignore obvious evidence to the contrary.

The evidence is the rapid spike in coronavirus cases, many occurring in people aged 20 to 40. With the spike came higher demand for hospital service, much of it from older people quite likely infected by the younger demographic.

Restaurants, especially those with liquor licenses, are increasingly in the enforcement spotlight as places where virus restrictions are especially difficult to enforce. They are traditional gathering spots that don’t easily morph into clinical environments.

In restaurants and bars, customers and staff touch stuff. Menus, utensils, glasses and, of course, the food.

Largely, they are enclosed buildings, one of the prime ingredients in coronavirus transmission even with social distancing.

Then there are facemasks, contraptions ill-designed for eating and drinking.

The health questions in restaurants are ripe with details within details.

The closed ones aren’t going backwards. They are adjusting and maybe more aptly described as going up and down than forwards and backwards. Kinda like a roller coaster without any of the fun thrills.

Restaurants that have closed their front doors are following a responsible path that actually reinforces the state’s request for people to stay home as much as possible.

The restaurants deserve backing for their efforts. It’s a good time to order a good meal and enjoy it in the comfort of home.

— Today’s News-Herald


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We again WILL support our restaurants and local businesses. BUT maybe we should have closed the lake, maybe we should have not had a protest, maybe we should have checked temperatures before going into a business, there were a lot of things we COULD have done besides hurting people trying to make a living.


How about your $1200 stimulus to support restaurants?


Good iddea


I definitely agree with you about supporting our local restaurants, especially the ones who were following the CDC guidelines when they reopened.

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