We like to call this time of year “events season.” The time between, say, October and March, is peppered with festivals and fairs, concerts and car shows. It’s part of our region’s charm.

Some of those events are highly organized, planned months or even years in advance. Others are decidedly less so. The recent Trumpstock event in Kingman was in the latter category. There’s a saying that those who fail to plan are planning to fail, and that’s certainly what happened to Trumpstock. Just days before the event was supposed to take place at the Mohave County Fairgrounds, Trumpstock’s permit was denied by the City of Kingman. As a result, organizers moved the event to private property in Golden Valley. About 150 people showed up.

After the fact, county supervisors aired concerns that Trumpstock was held with no insurance, signage or traffic control. Additionally, it had inadequate restroom facilities and it wasn’t issued permits for alcohol sales, camping and food safety. Those concerns prompted a request from supervisors to take a look at better enforcement of events in the future, and the county is crafting a policy that would attempt to streamline those processes.

Here’s the thing: While issues of safety are important to address, it’s also important that local government not adopt rigid requirements that can discourage event organizers from moving forward. If produced correctly, little events like Trumpstock can grow into big events that provide lots of economic benefits for the greater region. Trumpstock organizers should have been better prepared, but it’s sad that local government organizations worked harder to shut them down than they did to assist organizers in doing things right in the first place.

Whatever policies are eventually adopted, we hope it’s with a mind to help people who might not be professional event organizers through some of the tedious requirements and cut through red tape whenever possible.

— Today’s News-Herald


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Loserpalooza was doomed from the start because of poor planning and organization. It was such a mess it almost appears as if the organizer deliberately wanted a failure to gain publicity. For once our county stepped up and did the right thing.

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