Hotoveli Boutique

Hotoveli Boutique was included on the tour of small businesses Tuesday afternoon.

A flip of a switch this evening – with the winner of a swim race across Bridgewater Channel doing the honors – will light up the English Village.

It will also serve as a reminder of the importance of local celebrations during the holidays and throughout the rest of the year.

Keeping them going, both during the holidays and through the rest of the year, depends upon a healthy economy. The Christmas shopping season should inspire residents to make the choice to spend shopping dollars locally where they create a double return.

The English Village lights are turned on every evening during the holidays.

With that and other festive reminders in place, we hope residents and visitors take advantage of the shopping deals throughout the city.

There are good reasons for doing so.

First, you can touch and examine items in person. There are dozens of stores around the city that have surprisingly good merchandise offerings. Since tomorrow is Small Business Saturday, an appreciation of even the tiniest enterprises, it might be a good day to seek out those local treasures.

Exchanges and returns are pretty easy, too, in local shops.

Second, the price of shopping locally is much lower when the added expense of a drive to Las Vegas or Phoenix is added. So, from a value perspective, shopping locally makes extra sense. Also, local stores hardly have their heads in the sand: they understand they have to compete with prices across the Internet.

Third, local stores provide jobs, which is good for the people holding the jobs and for other businesses which exist to sell to people who have income.

Fourth, local business supports the numerous community sports teams and civic activities that make our community better. They “pay back” the community for its support — something out-of-area businesses do not do.

Fifth is the role of sales taxes in allowing local government to provide services. Sales tax collections are a large part of the city government’s budget, going for services from street repairs to fire and police protection.

Our community will be much stronger if we all just do it.

— Today’s News-Herald


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