There are a few signs that fall has arrived in Lake Havasu City. The temperatures have finally dropped below 100 degrees. License plates have begun to change color. And there's a familiar buzz in the air as motorsports of all kinds rev up for the season.

Last weekend marked the end of another successful run for the International Jet Sports Boating Association's World Finals, an event that typically attracts big crowds as personal watercraft riders from all over the world compete for top honors. Promoters in the past have said the World Finals are the biggest international sports event outside the Olympics. That's probably just good marketing hyperbole at play, but it's clear the World Finals are important to the city's economy. A past report placed the value of the event's economic contributions at $5 million. That's why it was so heartening to see IJSBA running at nearly full strength despite some obvious challenges created by the pandemic.

Across town, Havasu 95 Speedway also got things rolling over the weekend, and the next set of races are planned to occur later this month.

Of course, these events are simply the beginning of the season for motorsports.

This coming weekend, Lake Havasu City motorheads will get to see action on the land and the water, with the Polaris UTV World Championship planned at Standard Wash and the Lake Havasu Classic Outboard Championships happening on Thompson Bay.

The outboard races are a nod to the World Outboard Championships that were a tentpole event in Lake Havasu City around the time the London Bridge was being dedicated 50 years ago.

The following week, Havasu will welcome back Run to the Sun, a massive classic car show that features around 800 vehicles each year. Whether you’re a car lover or not, there’s a lot to like about this classic car showcase — Havasu's Relics & Rods Club has perfected the event over the last 44 years. It also serves as an important fundraiser for the club, which has given more than $300,000 over four decades to Havasu charities. The competition on and off the water represent a true taste of life in Lake Havasu City. It's a good month — and a great place — to be a motorhead.

— Today's News-Herald


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