The local coronavirus situation is changed. The cases are growing dramatically. It’s time for responsible people to do what they can to reduce the spread.

For the past three months, Lake Havasu City felt relatively safe. The biggest spread of the disease was in larger cities and the Navajo reservation. Now the smaller cities, including Lake Havasu City, are experiencing widespread community transmission.

The virus may never be really halted. Its transmission can be tamed, though, if people follow the guidance coming from state, national and county health authorities. Those involve staying at home when possible, washing hands frequently, distancing from others and wearing face masks when it’s impossible to distance.

Doing these things will not halt the coronavirus. Doing them will help accomplish an early goal of government leaders: Flatten the curve. In other words, keep the infection rates low enough that medical facilities and personnel aren’t swamped.

A flatter curve keeps the death rate in check. It allows very sick people to be treated appropriately, not rushed through a strained system. It allows medicine and equipment supply chains to function. Coronavirus cases spiked when the public confused a phased reopening with an all-clear signal. It was never the latter.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has taken the light approach in his directions and guidance, but in focusing on bar behavior, he’s showing some steel behind the velvet glove. The public should take notice of his stay home advice and mask advice and distance advice. The coronavirus has never been partisan in who it infects. Face masks shouldn’t be either. Lake Havasu City residents are a pretty smart bunch, not ready to swallow random Kool Aid but understanding the implications of serious issues.

Coronavirus in Lake Havasu City and Mohave County is a more serious issue than before. It’s up to every individual to help slow it.

— Today’s News-Herald


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Where are all the trumpers? Have your rallys now, open the churches. It will help ensure the next election we bring in much more responsible leadership.


Well, as it has now been pointed out it is just one individual preventing the mandatory use of masks in Lake Havasu City - the mayor, Covid-Cal. His emergency order prevents even the city council from acting to protect the health and safety of the citizens of Lake Havasu.

It's time to start a recall effort...


“California” mandatory masks the last 2 months! The state also shut down the last 2 months! 5600 new cases!


California mandatory mask use in public was enacted June 19th, 2020, 9 days ago...


It’s been mandatory to wear a mask whenever entering a building in California for over 2 months! What was done June 19th was forcing masks be worn out at all times !


Unless you are wearing a N95 mask and having it disinfected on a regular basis or using a new one each time you go out then all you are doing is breathing your own germs into the mask and breating in your own CO2 which affects your heart, lungs, etc. Masks are a placebo. Go stand in the sunshine each day for 30 minutes without sunscreen and you are doing a lot more for your body than wearing a mask ever will.


Hcarolyn - You can find the correct information from valid and real doctors and medical institutions on line, don't take the word of just anyone. Other countries and states right here in the USA have already proven that the use of any masks slows the spread so medical facilities don't get over burdened. Masks have also helped some communities avoid the shutting down of their economies too.


Hcarolyn, is there any point in time we might expect some factual information from you? All we ever see is hyperbolic nonsense based on...what?

Comment deleted.



Amen to the article.


Well it looks like you're taking the light approach too, Today's News Herald. Encouraging individuals to take the right steps but not addressing the elephant in the room, the mayor and the city council ignoring proven public health measures that can be mandated for the public good.

I am aware that one city council member, Michele Lin has come out publicly in support of mandatory face masks but I haven't heard from anyone else on the council.

Why don't you interview the mayor and the rest of the council and find out where they stand on this very important and timely issue? Do your readership a real service and get to the bottom of it rather than tell us to do what most of us are already doing...

And while you're at it, go take some pictures of the local bars here in town, we drove past a couple of them and they are not following the governors orders. If you really want to help...


I simply provided my thoughts without other beliefs! You’re obviously stuck on the tick that makes you tock! Don’t ever accuse me of something you don’t know!


Who are you responding to?


Lol! HG , you’re the only one here guy!


How did what I wrote have anything to do with you? Where did I accuse you of anything in my comment???

Objective Dialectic

So confused on "Your" welcome's responses? [huh]


Also , nice work! Way to investigate!


You're welcome


Stop! Whether you wear a mask or not! All lives matter, do you’re part by simply being clean. Wash you’re hands , sanitize, social distance! Enjoy life, don’t hide! “Pandemics” we live with, literally on the daily. Be safe! Be clean! Respect one another.

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