If he wants to, President Trump has a chance to leave office not just gracefully but as a hero to more people by pointing to his efforts to restore integrity to U.S. elections.

It was a recurring subject during his time in office. The timing for election reform wasn’t right. The Democrats and the minor parties would accuse him of setting the stage for election theft.

After the votes are cast is the time when the President might be most effective at righting some election wrongs. He still has the bully pulpit. Right now, he has legal standing. He’s using legal efforts to assure all legal votes are counted and illegal ones are not.

His work to draw attention and even correct the problems will likely only chip away at the edges — a few votes here and there. It certainly won’t be resolved in states with universal mail balloting. And some dead people will still vote. Fair elections are the result of persistent, ongoing work, not a one-off fix. Short of evidence of a nationwide conspiracy to miscount ballots, Trump now has a narrow window in which he can take credit for furthering election integrity. Taking too long risks a fair label of something between a squatter and an obstructionist.

Keeping America great means putting the country first. We’ll go out on a limb and suggest that right now more citizens care deeply about distributing a coronavirus vaccine and keeping the economy alive than election technicalities.

They won’t care who gets the credit or under whose presidency it occurs as long as covid-19 and its consequences can be held in check. It’s a national effort that will be helped along greatly if the federal administration transitions smoothly. If it doesn’t, Trump will be judged more harshly than Biden. Further, a smooth, supported transition puts the load on Biden to handle vaccinations right.

The surprise takeaway from the national elections is just how amazingly moderate most voters are. The political balance didn’t shift that much, though the presidency changed. The noisemakers at either end of the two parties didn’t hold as much sway as predicted.

President Trump should be congratulated for his work on election integrity and he now needs to move ahead with the transition, mindful not only of the coronavirus but of the nations around the world licking their chops at the political instability in the U.S.

— Today’s News-Herald


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Before concluding that Trump should move on with the transition, let's be patient and wait for DNI Ratcliffe's report on foreign election interference that was required when Trump declared a national emergency on our election system. He has up to 45 days to deliver it to President Trump. If you want to congratulate President Trump for his work on election integrity, I'm guessing you'll want to break out the party hats, streamers, noisemakers, and confetti once we read what DNI Ratcliffe's report exposes.


When his name came up to become director of national intelligence, then-congressman John Ratcliffe (R-Tex.) confronted accusations from Democrats and intelligence veterans that a vocal political ally of Typhoid Donnie was ill-suited to lead the nation’s intelligence community, which prides itself as apolitical and nonpartisan.

“Regardless of what anyone wants our intelligence to reflect, the intelligence I will provide, if confirmed, will not be altered or impacted by outside influence,” Ratcliffe, who had been the president’s enthusiastic defender during impeachment proceedings, said at his confirmation hearing.

Ratcliffe, who has no significant background in intelligence, failed to meet his commitments when he recently declassified documents that included sensitive intelligence about Russians discussing Hillary Clinton and her 2016 presidential campaign, current and former officials said.

Ratcliffe’s disclosures, which he told lawmakers came “at the direction of the president of the United States,” amount to a disinformation operation run by the nation’s top intelligence official, in service of a president who has long accused the intelligence agencies of conspiring against him, current and former intelligence officials said.

“What we are seeing here is the worst-case scenario that was raised by the Democrats during Ratcliffe’s confirmation of putting such a political loyalist and national security neophyte into this important position,” said Marc Polymeropoulos, a former CIA officer who oversaw operations in Europe and Russia. “He is cherry-picking intelligence, and seriously risks exposing sources and methods for absolutely no reason other than to promote and protect the president before the election.”

Trump allies have seized on the intelligence as evidence that Clinton was in some way involved in ginning up an investigation of Trump to tie his campaign to Russia. The president has consistently denied the charge as a “hoax,” even though multiple investigations have documented numerous instances in which his campaign sought Russian assistance in damaging Clinton.

Nothing this clown says can be trusted.


So if elections are corrupt, then trump got elected by a corrupt system? Hmmm


Don't Concede. It's time to stop the election corruption. People will stop voting if it isn't.


The numbers make Biden the winner - period. So the maniacal man-child needs to concede for our nation!


His legal actions have, so far, are 1 in 25 and that one was a minor thing that did not result in any change in numbers. What has proven out is that all of his legal challenges are spurious with no basis in fact. Even his sleazy lawyers, in order to avoid charges of perjury, had to admit to the judges they had no poof of any fraud or other illegalities. Typhoid Donnie needs to stop whining, admit he's a BIG TIME LOSER and allow our grand tradition of peaceful presidential transition to move forward.

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