Stars and stripes, each distinctive and of different colors and then bound together. There’s the message of unity that’s commemorated on Flag Day today. Flags are designed to unite and the U.S. flag’s variations have done so for close to 250 years It’s a strong, timely message and good medicine for the country as it goes through disruptive times.

Flags are sometimes divisive, especially for those who want to see division. The flag and a knee were the visual centerpieces of the sports world’s national anthem protests. Some immigrants and others feel off-put by flag displays, victimized by being “out-Americaned”.

Taking offense, finding division and being a victim are easy ways to opt out of participating in the United States’ great experiment in self-governance.

Unity is the hard part. It doesn’t come naturally and its becoming more difficult in America’s tribal culture.

The U.S. flag shows how it’s done. It’s not one color. The stars representing states are distinct and separate yet close together on an underlying blue field.

It’s a flag that celebrates both differences and uniting. It celebrates dissimilarity, and still symbolizes a country with perhaps the best quality of life in the history of the world.

Present day, it symbolizes all those things and the promise of even greater potential.

It’s a source of pride. It should be. It has to be if the United States is to keep recognizing the promise of its foundations of liberty, equality and opportunity.

Pride also blinds, which is why it’s lumped in with the seven deadly sins. In this case, the danger is not recognizing how much effort is required from each person to build a unified country.

It’s hard work. It’s been worth it so far and stands to be in the future.

— Today’s News-Herald


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