Martha McSally

U.S. Senator Martha McSally was in Kingman Saturday, to talk to the mayors of Mohave County and to discuss the progress being made on amendments for the Downwinders in Mohave County and Southern Nevada.

Martha McSally is in a weird place. Arizona’s junior Senator is fighting hard to keep the seat she was appointed to a year ago, but she’s finding a tough challenge from Democrats who’ve put up a strong opponent in Mark Kelly, a centrist with name recognition and an impressive resume.

Democrats have identified Arizona as a battleground state in 2020, and activists are working hard to turn the state blue this November. Among Republicans, she’s found growing competition from conservative opponents who don’t think she leans far enough to the right. Those opponents include Daniel McCarthy, a Tucson businessman who was in Lake Havasu City on Monday and Tuesday and seems to be gaining some traction in his campaign.

So what’s an embattled politician to do to get the buzz back? Attack the media, for starters. You might have seen an internet video in the last few weeks showing a confrontation between McSally and CNN reporter Manu Raju, in which she brushes off Raju’s question about the impeachment by calling him a “liberal hack.” If you somehow missed the video clips on social media, McSally made sure you saw it elsewhere as she appeared on a number of cable news programs to defend her statements, and immediately started hawking “liberal hack” T-shirts as a campaign fundraiser.

It was a move that played well with constituents back home, and probably helped to invigorate an otherwise anemic fundraising campaign. It’s disappointing, however, that McSally lowered herself to such theatrics instead of rising above a petty personal conflict with a television reporter she apparently doesn’t like.

Of course, confrontations between politicians and members of the media are nothing new. Even Thomas Jefferson, that champion of the free press who helped create the constitutional amendments enshrining its role in American society, complained of the partisan turn newspapers had taken in the early 19th Century: “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper,” he wrote in a letter to a colleague. “Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle.”

In other words, Jefferson was calling out what he saw as “fake news.” Right or wrong, McSally was simply playing her part in a long political tradition of bashing the press.

So we know where McSally stands on CNN and the general news media. We have a much less clear idea about where she stands on issues that are important to rural Arizona. She certainly votes along party lines but she’s spent very little time in this part of the state, so Mohave County voters haven’t had the chance to get to know her very well beyond what they’ve seen in the media (run by liberal hacks or otherwise).

To be fair, the same can be said of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, but it’s a bit more surprising that McSally, a Republican, hasn’t deemed it necessary to personally campaign in Mohave County, a stalwart GOP stronghold in Arizona. Fortunately, that appears to be changing soon. On Saturday, Feb. 22, McSally will make one of her first visits to Havasu since taking office. She’s a featured guest at the local GOP’s annual Lincoln Day Dinner, where she’ll join a crowded field of honorees including Congressmen Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar. We hope McSally takes the opportunity to demonstrate to voters how she’s representing rural Arizona interests in Washington.

— Today’s News-Herald


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The Russians and the Democratic Socialist are still counting votes in Iowa [beam]


Republicscums still trying to come up with a candidate that is not an impeached, lying, low-life-scum.

bob b

They already have a candidate who was acquitted, and under the law, that is enough.


No, since there was no trial, i.e. - witnesses, evidence and deliberation - thanks to Moscow Mitch all they have is an impeached loser lying in limbo between conviction and acquittal. And mentioning "under the law" the lying scum is now and will forever be IMPEACHED.


This is the verdict of the Senate Impeachment trial:

Senators voted 52 to 48 to acquit Trump on the abuse charge, and 53 to 47 on obstruction.

“It is, therefore, ordered and adjudged that the said Donald John Trump be, and he is hereby, acquitted of the charges in said articles,” said Chief Justice John Roberts, who presided over the trial, following the second vote. You Dim-wit Dems can profess there was no trial all you want, but what the Judge said is what will go into the history books.


You have been warned about Russian operatives doing everything possible to disrupt the upcoming elections by lying to confuse the massively stupid, an example of that is a moron making the claim that Mark Kelly is a “gun grabber.” Kelly along with nearly 90% of true Americans wants common sense gun control legislation.

Kelly didn’t know what a “bump stock” was before the Las Vegas mass shooting—but he says signs Congress is moving quickly to ban the semiautomatic rifle modification prove what he and other gun control advocates have argued for years: Pass the right kind of laws, and lives will be saved. Even the National Rifle Association (a domestic terrorist organization) agrees on this one. Kelly said, “They have just turned that argument upside down. And that’s a good thing. You know, maybe people have to be educated, right?”

Kelly has never had much sympathy for people in Washington who tell him the answer isn’t new gun laws. He cites the comparative statistics on gun violence in states with stronger background checks and other restrictions to prove it, and like the engineer he trained as before going to space, can’t quite figure how anyone in good conscience responds to those by repeatedly citing the NRA (a domestic terrorist organization) rating of him

“I think if you’re a member of Congress and you fundamentally believe laws don’t work, you should quit. I mean, you really should. You’re in the wrong job. And that goes for anything, including this issue,” Kelly said.


Kelly has one black cloud hanging over him. "He's after your guns!"


You snowflakes ran around like chickens with their heads cit off, crying that Obama was going to take our guns, how did that scare tactic work out...

bob b

Actually, I made a lot of money from my stocks in Colt, Ruger and Remington. Obama was the best salesman the gun industry has ever had. If Bloomburger or Kelly get elected to any office, gun sales will increase immediately, and my bank assures me that they have room for my new windfall.


To be accurate and according to Fortune Magazine, “Under Obama, the S&P 500 grew by 56.4%. The Dow Jones Industrials Average was up 50.6% and the Nasdaq, 92.9%. The numbers under Trump were 21.4% for the S&P 500, 25.2% for the Dow, and 34.2% for Nasdaq.”

According to Forbes – “Over the last four years of Obama’s Presidency the Dow reached 118 new highs and finished at 19,732. Another interesting statistic is that the Dow surged 11,783 points while Obama was in office rising from 7,949 the day of his inauguration to 19,732, a 148% increase over the eight years. It also rose by 13,185 points from its March 2009 low.”

But thank you for playing and indeed proving that Obama did much better for the stock market than the impeached, low-life, currently on track to destroy our nation.


RNN,HG. You're both so nuts, probably Fart trail mix!


Who or what is "RNN?" And what in God's name is "Fart trail mix?"


She sure doesn't represent females in the Armed Services! When McSally appeared before the Senate confirmation committee and spoke against the female military officer that had filed a sexual harassment complaint against the military officer that was up for a nomination and said, "I don't believe her" I lost all respect for her. She wasn't a witness to any of it but, she did the president's bidding by attacking a woman that was brave enough to step forward in a hostile environment and actually file a complaint. By filing that complaint, that fine military member attempted to expose the offender and at the least, helped protect any other women from becoming victims too. If you'll remember, McSally 'claimed' that she was a victim of sexual harassment too, but she never reported it to expose the offender and that allowed him to continue on with harassing Air Force females. It's one thing to do nothing about abuse, but to attack others who try to correct it? I lost any and all respect that I had for McSally's service in our great nation's armed forces.


On 24 October 2018 McSally said she’s "leading the fight" to "force insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions." She lied, as usual.

bob b

Pre-existing conditions is not an easy fight for anyone to win. Consider that insurance is bought to cover unexpected or accidental damages or illnesses. A pre-existing condition does not fit that definition. If I have an illness that will require $50,000, or more, to treat, what company in their right mind will take my $2,000 premium, pay for the $50,00 in treatment and allow me to cancel my policy the next day? It is not fair to people with pre-existing conditions to expect them to just shut up and live with their fate, but it is also not fair to the shareholders of insurance companies.

Medicare should be made available to anyone with a severe pre-existing condition. It is the only fair way that I can see to help fix that mess. McSally cannot legislate this topic away.


Thank you the excellent explanation as to why we need a national health care system that would take insurance companies out of the mix - unless you're stupid enough to buy a policy on your own.

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