Editor: So the Biden administration and the democrats have this grand plan for the U.S. to "Build Back Better". Now we hear in the news that nurses, teachers, police, border patrol agents, firemen, military etc., you know all those essential workers,

are being fired because they are not willing to take the Covid vaccine. Not only are they being fired but they are not eligible for unemployment and will lose their health insurance coverage. Also, businesses will be fined into the thousands of dollars if their employees do not become vaccinated. Someone tell me in what world is this in any way building our country stronger or better? Yet at the same time we have illegals pouring across our southern border and dispersed throughout our country along with the Afghanistan refugees and no requirements is there for them to be vaccinated.

Perhaps this incompetent administration fails to recognize that you don't get tax dollars from those unemployed for your obscene, bloated social infrastructure bill. If any of this is allowed to stand, all citizens on both sides of the political spectrum, will suffer. After all, who will be there to care for you in the hospital, protect you from criminals or fire, protect our country or teach your children?

So much for you on the left who declared Trump a dictator. I think we have an actual dictator now. Under Joe, you ain't seen nothing yet if we don't stand up for our God given rights and push back against this government overreach.

Pamela Barry

Lake Havasu City


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“Devil!” What makes her a right wing extremist? Her bringing up Trump, or simply her thoughts on reality, and what is going on in supposedly our country? “Devil!” What are the number of COVID-19 deaths in America since January 15, 2021? These results still with an incredibly advanced vaccine! Lmao! “Devil!” What did this administration lie about during their hole “build back better?”, B.S! Looking at “our country” right now, he lied! People like you, mr. progressive are the problem in this country! I’m certain our independent voters will take in reality of people like you, in 2024!


Pamela Barry... I'm sure like most "right-wing" extremest, you think you have presented an ironclad argument. While you seem concerned about the jobs of those essential workers, I can't help but wonder why you aren't concerned about the 719 thousand dead Americans, 2541 from today, Perhaps if you were truly the "concerned for people and public safety" type, you would rethink your argument. I understand

you just wanted an opportunity to take a shot at the Biden Administration, complete with the usual falsehoods and fear tactics, but I too believe "Its time to stand-up and push back"... On the ignorance that the former President has inspired in his followers.

Third Eye

Pam, we are vaccinating the Afghan refugees. Most do not have a vaccination history at all so they are getting an armful when we take them in, to include the Covid vaccine. Some immigrants are refusing the vaccination but all have access to them, but that should be fine with the QOP, they don't want it either.

Too old for this

So, in your opinion just providing access to vaccines for illegals is fine, whether they take the jab or not? You do not seem to give your fellow Americans that same grace.

Third Eye

Yes, its fine, and should be for you. You won't take the jab but anyone else must take it. Are they not human? Don't they have a choice, like you? Are they beneath you? Why are you afraid? If you are vaccinated what are you worried about and even if not Covid has a 98% survivability rate, right?



Too old for this

Whether illegals, or Afghans, foreigners from third world countries carry many diseases that we have wiped out here. Why allow anyone to come to this country without being vaccinated against all known viruses? The Small Pox that was wiped out almost worldwide is now starting to be seen again and many coming through our southern border come from the countries where it is having a resurgence.

I am vaccinated, so I am not worried about myself getting Covid. But I do worry about the people who cannot take the Covid vaccine and then are forced to absorb someone from a 3rd world S-hole because Liberals are trying to import future votes.



When I read letters here, I look for original statements and ideas. But, what gets repeatedly posted are buzz words and lies usurped from their favorite right-wing news source strung together in sophomoric verse pretending knowledge.

"illegals pouring across our southern border"

"incompetent administration"

"bloated social infrastructure bill"

"government overreach"

Ya, that's what makes the News Herald part of your cult's echo chamber.

Ya, a carousel of writers, whose up next?


Third Eye


Too old for this

How would you write those same claims and make them honest and insightful?

" We should expect unexpected visitors from our neighbors to the south."

" The fantastically successful Biden administration."

"Necessary expense of funds which will be reclaimed through future tax programs affecting only the rich."

"Government assistance for all of life's little ills."

I'm your huckleberry.


[thumbup] Good one!


RobertsonO- I understand party loyalty and respect it to a degree; however, at what point does a party loyalist look at themselves in the mirror and objectively question if the negative allegations actually have some merit and are more than just slanderous political opposition buzz words and lies?

"illegals pouring across our southern border": Allegations supported by factual documentation that even the Biden administration no longer denies! Denying the southern border problems places the denier’s motives and creditability in question.

"incompetent administration": “Incompetent” is a highly subjective term, so I can understand why you might object to its use. However, I suspect that most people making the “Incompetent” allegation are generally referring the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and the southern border crisis; based simply upon those two examples, a reasonable unbiased person could understand and justify the use of the “Incompetent” categorization!

"bloated social infrastructure bill": Once again, it pretty difficult to fault objectors for characterizing the $3.5 trillion as a “Bloated Social Infrastructure Bill”! Most reasonable people would agree that only about $2 trillion in the bill is for traditional infrastructure generally defined as Roads, Bridges, Transportation, Power/ Water distribution and telecommunications, etc. The Senate has already passed an actual bi-partisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill which is being held hostage by the $3.5 trillion “Bloated Social Infrastructure Bill”.

An honest Party Loyalist would admit that the ONLY reason the $3.5 trillion package is being labeled as “Infrastructure” is an attempt to qualify it for Reconciliation!

"government overreach": Just like the word “Incompetent”, the term “Overreach” is also a highly subjective term. I believe objectors generally use it to describe the Biden administration position towards mandatory employer vaccination. As an independent, I’m torn on this issue and believe that it should be decided by the Supreme Court.


Too old for this

We can no longer state a belief without pissing someone off. There is no more discussion or debate, only accusations and insults. It is a shame.


[thumbup] RobertsonO... I actually go to Fox for the latest spin and sure enough, it shows up on here within 24 hours. Their like parrots without an original thought. Of course Trump and his son are on there constantly "keeping the flame alive." If it wasn't so pathetic, it would be comical.


pam - As with most of the Biden Haters who show up here you have no idea what living under an actual dictator is truly like. We came very close before the American people woke up an tossed out the twice-impeached, lying, POS who was determined to destroy our nation at the behest of Putin.


Some more blabber from from our soon to be village idiot who is moving to parts unknown.


Doesn't mean he'll stop commenting here. Bummer.

Too old for this

There you go lying again. Even Pelosi and her Schiffshow did not prove any collusion between Trump and Putin.


twosie – If you are going to lie try to make it about something that cannot be checked in less than two minutes!

18 August 2020 - Today, the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee issued a report finding the Trump presidential campaign chairman’s interaction with Russian intelligence officials during the 2016 election posed a “grave counterintelligence threat.” In response, Neera Tanden, president and CEO of the Center for American Progress, issued the following statement: “This report confirms that President Donald Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 election. It confirms the worst suspicions about Trump’s relationship with Russia, filling in the holes left in the report from former special counsel Robert Mueller. As Trump excuses Russian President Vladimir Putin placing bounties on U.S. troops and Russia continues to interfere in our democracy to aid Trump’s reelection, this report makes clear that there is no such thing as a coincidence with Trump and Russia.”

The report from the REPUBLICAN-LED PANEL details close political coordination among the Trump campaign, Wikileaks, and Russian intelligence and operatives in 2016. At the most pivotal moment of that campaign, when the Access Hollywood tape revealing President Trump’s confession of a lifetime of sexual assault, Trump’s confidante Roger Stone successfully requested that Russia’s illegally hacked materials be released immediately. This revelation also explains why President Trump dangled a pardon for Roger Stone for months, why U.S. Attorney General William Barr gave Stone special treatment amidst an open rebellion from U.S. Department of Justice professionals, and why Trump went even further to commute Stone’s sentence as Stone was concealing these facts from federal investigators. Trump lied to law enforcement about his conversations with Stone and needed Stone to keep quiet about it. This raises serious criminal questions for both Trump and Stone to which the next administration should give full scrutiny.


End result was NO collusion on Trumps part.

Too old for this

A campaign chairman's interacts posed a grave threat. That does not say that Trump himself was involved at all. Neera Tanden is the DEO of a Left Wing hate group who will say anything if it tarnishes a Conservative.

If Mueller had evidence of collusion, which is not an enumerated crime, why didn't he and Pelosi charge Trump with a crime? The internet hoax of a bounty on American troops was exposed to everyone other than you, I guess.

Remember Obama telling Putin "I can be more flexible in the next term"? That is collusion. Remember Biden threatening the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor investigation his son? That is corruption.

There are serious questions about all politicians. They tend to live in glass houses and we amplify their weaknesses. Neither party can claim a moral high ground. You just go ahead and trust CAP, SPLC, Huffington, Pelosi and your other radical liars. I will just sit back and hold my breath that this country exists long enough to vote Biden out of office.

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