Editor: Now wait a minute! Our state of Arizona proclaimed just days ago it had a reserve of funds and the governor divvied it up among mostly infrastructure needs long overdue. Now, according to recent newspaper articles, we are being prepared to increase taxes for education — among other urgent needs. This is a dilemma for sure; however, aren’t we just recovering from a (deserved) teacher strike for adequate wages and haven’t we all read reports about how we need to repair roads, bridges – build bridges, etc? Am I the only one curious about this juxtaposition? I propose putting tax money back into the education fund for salaries and repairing schools in need of repair and taxing the infrastructure items on an as needed basis. Let’s put this to a vote, shall we?

Also of note in the ‘let’s wait a minute’ agenda is the sanction of public transportation dollars again. Someone else mentioned the exact same thing in our letter to the editor column and I couldn’t agree more. We’ve been there and done that more than one time and public transportation on a route basis continues to be a lost revenue situation. I recently had surgery and had to rely on both Havasu Mobility as well as private chauffers. While there are pros and cons, I mentioned to my Mobility drivers how they could increase their schedules – more drivers, vans, etc. I often could not get a ride with the Mobility people due the schedule being booked. Why not increase our already proven Mobility service in lieu of regular, mostly proven unused, bus route service and let the private transportation continue to pick up the slack. Additionally, the private concerns are busier than you would imagine. I’ve been there and done that. a win/win?

Pat Scheel

Lake Havasu City


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