Editor: Shadow or backdoor diplomacy has been used by many Presidents throughout our history. Shadow or backdoor diplomacy is probably the reason that all of us on this earth are still living today as President Kennedy used it to reach an agreement with Khrushchev to end the Cuban Missile Crises in 1962 just before a nuclear confrontation was likely between the U.S.A and the Soviet Union. The shadow diplomacy took place at late night in a Russian cafe between a back door American acting on behalf of the President Kennedy and a representative from Khrushchev. Roosevelt used Hoover that way too. Done lots.

My good friend from those days, Lt. Col. Hayden Lockhart, told me, as the Air Force sent him to Florida in Oct. 1962 with thousands of other military, that it’s was a wonder Florida did not tip over into the Atlantic Ocean with all the military hardware that was sent there. So Mr. Adam Shifty and the Democrats (I was one till they went berserk) needs to clean up his act and get off his childish, ignorant and misleading campaign to make shadow or back door diplomacy an issue He is so wrong on may counts. Tries to be so smart and so smug that he comes across as just stupid.

Phil Miller

Lake Havasu City


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What truth? the president is using his position and our tax money to attack his political opponent? The president benefited from a foreign country involvement in our last election? or that the President has publicly asked for at least 2 foreign countries to get involved in and influence our next election?

Geez, how much clearer can it be, it is illegal to accept or seek assistance from a foreign country to influence our election system, I guess unless your a republican.




What can one say? DOTs are, without a doubt, the craziest people on the face of the Earth.


Phil, thank you for presenting to us the truth.

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