Many people in the South, and a few people in other parts of the nation, argue that the Confederate flag represents Southern heritage and that flying it or displaying it is a matter of free speech.

But the country’s top military leaders see it a different way. They have responsibility to lead their troops, and they cannot do that without showing the troops respect.

To many African American military members the Confederate flag is a symbol of slavery and the severe discrimination and oppression that followed slavery.

So the military found a way to eliminate the confederate flag from military installations without specifically banning it.

In a carefully worded policy memo, signed by Defense Secretary Mark Esper last week, the types of flags that are permitted to be displayed are spelled out — the U.S. flag and state banners, flags of allies and partners, the POW/MIA flag and official military unit flags. The memo does not mention the Confederate flag or use the word ban, but the memo is clear — if it’s not on the approved list, it’s not allowed.

This is the right decision by military leaders, who are honoring the sensibilities of their officers and their enlisted men.

— Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


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It actually shows respect to America to not fly the confederate flag.

The confederate flag is the flag that represents the losers of the Civil War that killed American soldiers and fought against our Union and Constitution. That flag represents traitors and slave owning bigots who wanted a new constitution that allowed the owning of people as private property.

There is no honorable heritage associated with that flag and it has no place in public, put it in a museum or be a real patriot and put it in the burn pile...


You have just described the Democrats.

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