Our state’s governor, Doug Ducey, last week inked his approval to legislation that removes licensing requirements for people who style hair.

The bill, which is set to become law this summer, is limited to washing, drying, curling, hot ironing and styling hair.

The governor, in a prepared statement, called it “a victory for common sense.”

Yes, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to style hair for money in Arizona, as Capitol Media Services reported, and you won’t need to be a cosmetologist, either.

Strangely, the general public — across all sorts of social media platforms — interpreted it to mean other licensed professionals can come here too (without need for proper training and licensing).

Not true.

“It’s ridiculous that government bureaucrats would require 1,000 training hours before someone can start a job blow drying hair,” Ducey said. “This bill ends that foolishness.”

What remains are all manner of boards and panels that license everything from your HV/AC guy to the neighborhood attorney.

In fact, the new “hair” law does not eliminate all state oversight there either.

For example, the state still will require any shop that uses an unlicensed stylist to post a sign “in a conspicuous location” telling would-be customers that person is not regulated by the cosmetology board.

And, the state Board of Cosmetology will need to come up with some sort of course for these would-be hair stylists — to teach sanitation, infection control and state laws on the issue. Yet, the person washing your hair will not need to know everything.

Even so, some critics were dissatisfied, saying that someone without proper training can easily burn the head of a customer with the permitted tools. We suppose that’s true — just like what happens on occasion in any residential bathroom where a curling iron has been misused.

This is more about mandatory licensing for those who apply chemicals to straighten or curl hair, not to accidentally burn your forehead.

It is common sense.

Who’s next?

— Prescott Daily Courier


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