Editor: I forgot a major concern in allowing a manufacturer in the K-Mart space in my previous letter. Are there going to be any chemicals used in conjunction with the NugSmasher manufacture such as a paint booth, powder coating or anodizing? If so, none of these belong in a retail space. Paint from a spray booth or powder coating is evacuated into the air and the over spray can land on cars etc. And anodizing is extremely toxic and dangerous. Also the odor is extremely noxious. Although I do not know if these processes will be used, it needs to be checked out.

You don’t want to affect the lives and businesses of the surrounding neighborhood in a negative manner. There are plenty of open spaces in this town where a manufacturing facility can be built.

R. Long

Lake Havasu City


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Vince Gors

MOVE, I swear so many of you people fight anything and everything. Go and find a Retirement Community far away from Civilization. You do Not fit in.[censored]


Zoning exists for a reason.

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