I have shared this column previously on the date, or near, the death of a very good friend. Forgive me, for those who have already seen it. But as September is Suicide Prevention Month I believe it’s a story worth sharing again.

Around this time every year, my memories reflect back on a very sad time in my life while working as the President & Publisher of Port Arthur Newsmedia LLC. On the Texas southeast coast.


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Brett Miller

I’ve had a family member take their own life and have had another try to do so. The only thing I can see that makes a difference is:

1) professional help. Unfortunately our mental healthcare in this country isn’t up to snuff. “Help” now mainly comprises crisis intervention and then release.

2)being there when the decision is made. Being there to talk them down or to physically wrest the gun from their hand.

3. Keep the police out of it. They are not equipped to handle the situation and will just escalate.

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