Editor: When I heard the Lake Havasu City Parade of Lights had been canceled, I’m surprised our house did not fall off its foundation. To say I was livid is an understatement. I have no issue with the good old folks at the Yacht Club that work so hard putting that great event on, they made a decision to do their best at protecting the boating community and citizens from covid-19. I might have made the same decision myself. However, we have endured months of bad decisions allowing hordes of out of state folks pouring into the city and on the lake every week, parades and rally’s taking place in the channel, and the coup de grace of all bad decisions to open the channel back up for boat parking. For months all our coves have been packed, the channel has had boats parked side by side and hundreds of people standing shoulder to shoulder. I get it, money. My boat has been sitting quietly in its slip waiting patiently for the madness to end. Once in a while sneaking out to fish in the early hours before the daily attack. I could hardly wait for the Parade of Lights because it is small, quiet and not at all like the summer onslaught. To ice the cake, today I found out that ISJBA World Finals are in town bringing people from all over the world. Just color me flabbergasted.

Rick McPherson

Lake Havasu City


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