Editor: Regarding synchronized traffic lights in your “Our View” in Today's News-Herald: I was always under the impression to synchronize traffic lights, the lights had to be equal distance from each other coming from either direction throughout the whole distance to be synchronized.

An example of where this would work would be like standard, in length, city blocks in a typical big city.

State Route 95 is not made up of your typical standard city blocks and the distance between the 20 traffic lights are no where near equal distance from each other coming from either direction.

Plus, you have left turn lanes which at times has traffic waiting at intersections and sometimes not. So someone please explain how on earth $229,000 and ADOT plans to synchronize all 20 lights, which are different distances from each other, from either direction, and with left turn lanes thrown in for good measure?

Robert P Bowen

Lake Havasu City


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