Martha McSally

U.S. Senator Martha McSally was in Kingman Saturday, to talk to the mayors of Mohave County and to discuss the progress being made on amendments for the Downwinders in Mohave County and Southern Nevada.

Editor: A recent story about lawyer Michael Persoon challenging in federal courts the Arizona election laws and politic appointment by our state’s governor or Legislature to be a slight of hand, side-stepping way of hoping to get a federal judge to force a costly special election using the “vote of the people” as an excuse to get rid of Sen. Martha McSally and place someone else who he feels “the various political parties” want in the position more to their advantage. Since the attorney is claiming in federal court that he is representing numerous individuals of political parties, not necessarily the voters of Arizona, maybe he should make it known who these special interest people are, besides himself. I understand the Constitution does allow for the governor of a state to appoint a person qualified to fill the office of senator without a special election when the seat becomes vacated but not eligible for vote by the people in a regularly-scheduled election. This attorney is trying to alter laws, not just Arizona’s but the federal statutes on elections and political appointments.

McSally has been saying some things that a few people are uncomfortable with her bringing to light. Expect more to come that will undermine our Constitution and state rights by lawyers like Persoon who want to change things to their whims on how things should be.

Robert Palmer



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Yeah the will of the people - you know, NOT ELECTING that hateful woman - should always be ignored. Even money our stupid governor would not have filled the seat with Sinema had she lost the election! Oh well, what's one illegitimate senator. Just out of curiosity when is McNasty going to fulfill her campaign promise and protect the ACA?

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