Editor: I am writing this letter out of concern from a recent article in the Lake Havasu City newspaper regarding the Laughlin River Run. According to the article, there was a mention of bringing the event to Lake Havasu City. I am a senior living full-time in Lake Havasu City, and I rode motorcycles for more than 50 years. I went to Sturgis, South Dakota, annually for many years and rode to a lot of other motorcycle events. This city is not the type of city for that style of event. Most of the seniors living here would not like this kind of event. Enjoy the motorcycle events you already have now, along with the boating, car events, the balloon festival and all of the other events this beautiful city has to offer, but leave that motorcycle event out or put it to a city vote.

I am not sure that Lake Havasu City is ready for an event of this magnitude, given the congestion and traffic problems that will arise as seen in other cities. You might want to research some of those events first.

Rod Cole

Lake Havasu City


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If you all would just read a bit of recent history, the bullhead river float was cancelled because bullhead decided they were tired of funding the event. Year after cancellation those who really profited said oh Sh** we lost a lot of money and came up with the funding suddenly. Lets wait for the oh Sh** by those who profited the most.


With no surprise one of the Anti-American Conservative Fanatics makes up, at the behest of his Russian handlers, a word in hopes of creating animus among the extremely stupid. Remember to always do your own independent research, check the facts and call out these lying scum at every opportunity.


Motophobic: A hate of motorcycles and those who ride them.


Agreed. Beside Laughlin/Bullhead City are the perfect s-holes to host such a mess.

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