Editor: Trump supporters regularly write to newspapers complaining that his detractors “hate” him. Hate is not relevant. His detractors clearly see that he is a crude abusive bully, mentally unstable, inept, morally bankrupt, and not qualified to be president.

As Trump’s erratic behavior continues to devolve further down the rabbit hole (eg. “wind turbines cause cancer”), psychiatrists are suggesting he may be exhibiting signs of pre-dementia; which could aggravate his sociopathic tendencies. The condition is now termed “antisocial personality disorder.” Sociopaths tend to be sexually promiscuous, lack empathy for others, have issues with rage, are pathological liars, are manipulative, have shallow emotions, lack a sense of guilt or remorse, have poor behavioral controls and an impulsive nature, lack regard for the moral or legal standards in the local culture, enjoy conning people for pleasure or profit, are irresponsible, are authoritarian, exhibit extreme narcissism, have a grandiose sense of self, are secretive and paranoid, and do not perceive anything is wrong with them.

The fact that Trump retains a cult like following of supporters despite these obvious mental and behavioral issues and ineptitude shows that the con has worked. Trump has successfully used the time-honored autocratic strategy of building support through fanning anxiety, fear and hatred of minorities. Hate crimes and violence have spiked since his election. Trump is the national emergency. There is no higher calling or imperative for all patriotic Americans then to work to insure that Trump is voted out of office in 2020.

Roger Fairfield



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I am ashamed to admit that I supported and voted for president Trump. I thought that he was going to be a straight-forward honest president. I am MORE ashamed of my republican party for continuing to bend over for this disgusting man. Where did the good decent principles of the republican party go? Congress needs to see his bank and tax records to protect the USA from ANY illegal acts by ANY ONE! I'm ready to change my party affiliation to Independent due to the lack of republican principles that the current situation.


One may be more qualified than another, but there is not a one that is fully qualified for the presidency. The whole bunch are nothing but lying hypocritical crooks. I'm talking both sides of the isle.


"isle"? So much for credibility.


Roger missed a couple of "antisocial personality disorder" traits. Here is the link.


Sounds like a few of the CEO's I once knew.


Sounds like the crazy Left Congress

Dawn King

J-dub, just go back to your faux noise channel. You're much happier there.


"Left Congress?" Usual nothing, just smile and move on because, overall, he's harmless.

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