Editor: Needing down time, patriots George, John, Ben, and Jim went to a Sixers game in 1786. The repetitive thumping of a bouncing ball gave them an idea for awaking delegates to new issues they planned to present at the upcoming Convention. Old federalist, socialist, and monarchist thought needed to change. A Richter Scale size awaking was needed!

The Sixers won that night. The stadium shook with cheers. The Patriots hatched a plan.

They headed to Arizona’s Mogollon Rim, New Madrid, Missouri, and San Andreas, California, to study how earthquakes made new and lasting change happen.

They learned plenty about molten lava, moving earth under foot, worry, scare, and uncertainty about the future and how people were comforted when fears reside. Stenographer Jim outlined their ideas to present to sleepy delegates writing sizzling words about patriotic principles, liberty and individual freedoms. John identified the power of natural phenomenon and pressures writing about uplifting convincing thoughts of natural rights, equality, godliness, freedom of speech, and seeking happiness.

Patriots were convinced their writings would be big, bold, and earthshaking and keep delegates awake and debating the ideas. Traveler Statesman Ben observed they would dramatically change the way man everywhere would manage his affairs vis-a-vis his government.

Delegates were awakened to the new We the People ideas. Talks of kings, queens, socialism, dictatorships, Federalisms and other forms of government faded. A Constitution was raise up! A new self governing representative form of government came to the surface. It was the uplifting event throughout the halls of the Convention! The ideas flowed through it like hot lava. They shook historical thinking on how to organize branches of government for balanced equal power. Delegates became fired up viewing man as having natural rights to happiness, and enjoying non tyranny living.

Man was to be at the center and government was to be his protector! A volcanic groundswell emerged: Government of the People, By the People, For the People”.

That Philadelphia stadium shake still rumbles on. . . . now for over 200 years!

Roger Kelly

Lake Havasu City


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