Editor: What I don’t see in this opinion section is any talk about the border. That brain dead moron in the White House has created a real problem with all the illegals surging our border. Instead of working to get our country back on track after the China virus attack he has chosen to put thousands of people out of work. With the thousands that had already been jobless it was certainly bad timing especially with no back up plan. Now opening up the border for anyone who wants to come in is another bad idea. What were you left leaning people thinking of when you cast your vote for Biden? He told everyone up front what he was going to do and so far he has kept those promises. Unfortunately his promises have been bad for our country. As for the illegals I would like to see every Democrat who voted for that moron go to the border and get at least five children and just take the next in line no matter where they came from, bring them home and take care of them.

I for one do not want to be a part of your poor election choices. If you don’t like my idea then why did you vote for China Biden?

Roger Pries

Lake Havasu City


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Great letter, Roger.


Bigblob, Yes he is keeping his promises but look what he is doing to our country. Put people out of work opened the borders, talks about how he can raise taxes to pay for all his big government spending, you know all the good things that we need right now with all the hardship from the China virus, and yes it is the China virus. People like you will never learn right from wrong, you are nothing more then bottom feeding swamp creatures that thrive on total government control. You do realize that you are a minority here in Lake Havasu. This is a very conservative, patriotic city which if you actually lived here you might come to admire. All the left wing BS that has come to our city is from left wing demorat controlled states. Unfortunately so many fail to check their liberal beliefs at the border so we end up with people like you who want to change our society to match what you fled, makes no sense to me.


So much wrong with Roger’s rant.

1) “What I don’t see in this opinion section is any talk about the border.” Sorry Roger, but you’re wrong, Fools show up here all of the time whining about the border “crisis” and the fools wall (“Mexico will pay for the wall!).

2)There is no “China virus” and posting such trash is what has led to the thousands of attacks on Asian-Americans. What we have is the “trump virus” caused by a moron who left our nation unprotected while making such comments as:

“It’s just affecting Democrat cities and Democrat states. “

“It’s safe to reopen. “

“It’s going to disappear in April (2020), when it gets warm.”

“Wearing a mask is a personal choice. “

“Even the CDC guidelines say masks aren’t necessary.”

“It’s a hoax. “

“We have it contained.”

“It’s going to disappear.”

3) “…put thousands of people out of work.” Don’t keep up on the news, do you Roger?

4) “What were you left leaning people thinking of when you cast your vote for Biden?” We were thinking it was well past time to put into office a man who would give every American hope for a better nation and he is doing that. And unlike the twice-impeached, lying, crook we tossed out, President Biden has – as you said – “… so far he has kept those promises.”

Why do you hate our nation and our people Roger? Perhaps is long past time for you to seek a home in a country that better suits you – there are many dictatorships that would welcome you.


Here is a question for the KIA, why do you "hate", so much, and so many?? No Show Joe, and Laughing Harris have created an insurrection at the border. Not only illegal entries being made, but they are brining criminals, guns and terrorists, and all of this in the name of children. How bad can it get ,and with zero trips to the border to experience it, how can they lead? BTW, you're off topic.

Deplorable Neanderthal

Bigbob/hwyrovr the hate monger of Havasu has spoken.

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