Editor: Over 1 Million illegal immigrants have crossed the southern border in the first 6 months of 2021. From there, they are sent via bus or airplane to all areas of the US. Some illegal immigrants have covid and many are not even tested. These people come from all over the world.

But for us citizens, the federal government is continuing the covid alarm and may mandate federal employees to get vaccinated. Schools may need to mask in some states. Businesses are confused about what should be done. The Pandemic fear is alive and thriving for citizens, but not for illegals.

I am not going to give up my freedom by masking again!

Please contact your elected officials to stop this idiocy. Actually, let’s just close the southern border while we’re at it.

S. Stievo

Lake Havasu City


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In summary, J.O., your ignorance* is what allows you to consume FOX NEWS.

*what you don't know, which is identified as the Dunning-Kruger effect (Google it)

- Christopher



Stupidity compels you to repeat it. Education will lead to an epiphany of understanding.


Christoper you are really out here with your idiotic story. Wish I could understand what you are saying. Maybe I'm just a dumb guy that can't make sense about. about what your saying.


jojo - [thumbdown]Yes, you are "just a dumb guy" Recognizing the problem is half the battle. f[spam][ban]


I think all you anti-vaxers and anti-maxers should gather in your churches and hug each other, would do the world a lot of good.


"These people come from all over the world."

Spoken as if you possess a world view. Ha! Your comment is so fake. You, like Kandi and others in the carousel of radical right-wing Trump supporters who are chosen to regularly to post alternative reality here, are merely parroting what your favorite entertainment opinion news outlet brings to your attention. That's your 'echo chamber'. They know how to validate your anger at the Democrats you hate while they generate profit, profit, profit. Many of their entertainers make $20 million and more feeding you false information.

My word don't you get it, when your source provides a cryon stating the speaker (DJT in this case) may not be stating facts? And that when defending Tucker Carlson against a defamation suit defense lawyers stated that NO REASONABLE PERSON would take Tucker Carlson's comments seriously. Consider changing sources from which to gather reliable information. I'm not suggesting MSNBC, here. Learn how to identify the presenter's injection of an incendiary point or view (opinion) to a story because, clearly, many letter writers and viewers don't have that skill. But, the radical right-wing find it very effective to repeat the lies, keeping the weak minded mesmerized by their echo chamber.

If I were you, I'd fact check many of the claims made in your letter. You might just find many to be wild exaggerations (now, why would they do that?), just like the claim of widespread 'voter fraud' of the Big Lie. Learn to identify patterns like this used by your sources. Also, understand why this is being done. Critical thinking requires that you question beyond where you would like to stop looking because it satisfies your prejudice. You might just learn something.

You all seem to gloat in scaring yourselves with your fatal catastrophe, black and white thinking. Adults are able to see gray, while children do not, until they mature. Diffuse your anger by accepting the world as it is. Counseling can help find that path for you.


Christopher - [thumbup]Outstanding![thumbup]

BoneSpurs McPantsLoad

Great response, Chris! Unfortunately, Qwakkkos like the letter writer and Kandi-Karen are counting on the apocalypse coming soon, when they can all ride off to purgatory on their MyPillows! There is no reasoning with these folks.


Their apocalypse may be ushered to their doorstep by neglecting the warnings of science if they continue to refuse COVID-19 vaccination. The pandemic is now of those unvaccinated who have been consuming lies by those deceitful entertainment opinion fools who have been secretly inoculated.

Joke is on those deplorables.


S: If the left didn't have double standards they would have no standards. We have come to learn that the left is hell bent on destroying our country with the help of people like George Soros. The left has lost so many voters that they now feel that opening up the border will allow them to indoctrinate these illegals to make them demorat voters. It makes no difference to them if these invaders are infected as the end game is that anyone who dies from covid is just collateral damage. All this mask mandate is is a way for them to have total control over the real Americans. But they are finding out that we are strong and will resist their attempts to control us.


jojo - [thumbdown][spam][offtopic][ban][thumbdown]

Too old for this

It is so sad to see how they are destroying our country.


twosie - [thumbdown] Your stupidity never ceases to amaze everyone! s[thumbdown]


Your comment is just gossip.

P.S. Real Americans get the vaccinated for the good of the country. "We the People" socializes our common needs, of which, getting vaccinated would be one. Russian émigré, Ayn Rand, was writing about the virtue of selfish self-interest in primitive times not considering the modern world "we" enjoy today.


Christopher - [thumbup][wink][thumbup]


s - [thumbdown][yawn] Same trash, different day[thumbdown]

Too old for this

We expect that from you, Bob. This man had a valid question. Why don't we close the border, at least until we have this "pandemic" controlled?


2 - [thumbdown][spam][thumbdown]

Too old for this

That is a poor excuse for an answer to a legitimate question, Bob. Surely you can find some Liberal talking point to copy and paste here.


What a coincidence, Bob...that's what we say about you.


ellie - [thumbdown]Oh look, another six year old spews! [spam][offtopic][ban][censored][thumbdown]


Oh look, another 3 year old spews his usual whinny answer.


Same a$$ different day.


ovur - [thumbdown][censored][spam][offtopic][ban][thumbdown]

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