Editor: Are others as tired as me from hearing how all white Americans are systemically racist, especially the police? Even President Biden and other elected representatives are expressing opinions that are so anti-police.

Biden’s DOJ continues to review police shootings of Blacks, usually criminals, while doing nothing to address all the many shootings and deaths of our cops.

The Black inner cities will be the areas that are hurt most by defunding the police, but all of us will experience the shortage of police across the country.

Who would ever want to work in law enforcement? In 10 years, will our law enforcement be national (military) because communities will not have the staffing? Is this their end game?

Our founding fathers wanted the States to be the focus of government, with national tasks itemized in the Constitution.

This keeps the power of the people as close to citizen interaction as possible. Let’s work to keep it this way. If we don’t, who will? Unfortunately the federal government has bloated over the last 50 years. Free stuff paid by others may look good, but in the end it’ll take away our money and our freedoms. Let’s limit the federal government as much as possible. And let’s thank our local police officers each time we see them.

S. Stievo

Lake Havasu City


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Most police are honest hard working folks with good intentions but unfortunately an environment still exists that allow for kneeling on a persons neck until they are dead while other cops sit by and watch. That is all anyone is asking, eliminate any environment where that is even remotely acceptable.


S. Stievo and alloveragain I totally agree with your comments. Bigblob is really an illiterate that likes to stir the pot with his constant liberal BS. I am a retired police officer from a small town in Ohio. Fortunately that city was not plagued with daily violent crime like we see everyday in most of the left wing cities. I have worked with and know other officers from other jurisdictions that are good decent hard working people. Most of us started out with hopes to make our communities safer. The justice system is where the real problem lies. Judges continue to let the criminal element back on the streets and now in numerous left wing cities there is no bail. Police have always had to deal with this and unfortunately it takes it's toll. How many hours, days, weeks and months have been spent to get a career criminal behind bars only to have in most cases a liberal judge set them free. Look at the history of this practice. Many judges have let hard core criminals out only to commit another crime in days. Seeing this makes anyone even police get angry. So are there bad police, yes there are but lets look at the bad judges who make bad decisions and never have to answer for it. When is the last time we have seen a judge get crucified for a bad decision. The police are our front line defenders just like the military. We need to support all of them as they are just human beings trying to do a good job and sometimes get side tracked because of the situations they face daily. The officer in the career criminal Floyds case did step over the line and will pay for it but the fact that they had his trial in Minneapolis was wrong as there was no way for him to get anywhere close to a fair trail. Also with the intimidation that went on if a guilty verdict wasn't rendered was wrong. This defund the police movement is not going to end well as of now many officers are leaving and new candidates are not applying. So I say to you who are anti police the next time you think you might need one call a politician or a social worker.




Thank you for your service joroger. And I agree, Stievo and Allover. The real life encounters law enforcement officers (and military personnel) have to deal with are out of control. It doesn't matter if they are Hispanic, Black, White or Asian (or other)...male or female. If you wear a badge or a name patch, they are under constant attack.

Support America's front line!


Great points, "S". Hard to run an oligarchy without a federalized police force.


More utter nonsense. The police need to be purged of the bad apples by any means necessary. It's long past time for the good cops to step up - just as they did in the Chauvin trail. Call them out and get rid of them.


Yeah, why don't you get off your throne, and put on a badge? See how you fair out in the criminal world. The number of "bad Apples" is very small, and those that are the "good ones" just get drug into it by osmosis. Police are leaving their jobs in record numbers, ask them why. You always have an opinion, and never actually get close enough to the flame to see the real issues!


AOA, not sure I’d want BB wearing a “badge”, and packing heat? He’s so completely “intolerant” of anyone who’s not “towing the DIM line”, he’d be up on brutality charges in his first week? Naw, he’s better off sitting on his “throne” in the small throne room off his bedroom stinking up the atmosphere as he “tippy-taps” on his tablet, stinking up this “comments” section. [thumbup][beam][whistling] Deaton


Allover, you know "Bobber" has sat in a seat or chair most of his life. That's why he's in such bad shape. He's a deflector and an activist. I'm not sure why he doesn't support our law enforcement officers but I'm sure there's 1fictional reasoning.

He always reminds me of the commercial and the kid that dials the phone and says, "Grandma can I get another grape soda".

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