Too often, daily controversies covered on cable television or debated on Twitter fail to reflect issues that matter to everyday families. When I hear from Arizonans across our state, they want to discuss how to expand job opportunities, the importance of keeping our communities safe, and – most often – the need to make health care affordable.

Arizonans deserve leaders who break through gridlock and get things done, which is why I reject Washington distractions and partisanship. Instead, I’m laser-focused on finding bipartisan solutions.

Working with Arizona experts and colleagues from both parties, we’ve made important progress to make Arizonans’ health care work better.

The president recently signed into law my proposals repealing the misguided and unnecessary Health Insurance, Medical Device and Cadillac Taxes. These taxes raised health care costs and placed a burden on Arizona families, small business owners and senior citizens.

Over the past seven years, in both the Senate and the U.S. House, I built bipartisan coalitions and successfully delayed these taxes from impacting Arizonans.

One of my first actions as Arizona’s senior senator was assembling a coalition, including Republican Senators Cory Gardner and John Barrasso, to introduce legislation permanently repealing the Health Insurance Tax. We also championed bipartisan legislation to repeal the Medical Device Tax, protecting over 17,000 Arizona jobs. And together, we cosponsored a bill to repeal the Cadillac Tax and provide relief to Arizonans who get their health insurance through work.

I am proud of our success stopping the Health Insurance, Medical Device and Cadillac Taxes, and much more must be done.

Over the coming months, I will use the same bipartisan approach to continue protecting Arizonans with pre-existing health conditions, advance common-sense solutions to slow the rise in health-care premiums end surprise medical bills, and make prescription drugs more affordable.

An important next step is cutting red tape to prioritize medical innovation.

Arizona is home to cutting-edge medical technology. Removing bureaucratic burdens can drive down the cost of critical medical devices, so Arizonans suffering from chronic conditions can access treatments, stay at their jobs and live with less pain.

Congress must address the cost of prescription drugs. Today, even Arizonans who have insurance sometimes struggle to afford the medicine they need. That’s why I’m pursuing policies to ensure life-saving drugs like EpiPens and insulin are affordable and available to Arizonans, especially our senior citizens.

We must also expand the physician and health provider workforce in rural communities by encouraging doctors and nurses to study and train in our state. We’re addressing the caregiving burden in Arizona through a series of bills that promote best practices for professional caregivers while increasing support for family caregivers, especially those that care for their aging and veteran loved ones.

We are off to a strong start making health care more affordable and accessible for all Arizonans, and we won’t stop there because this is the kind of work that matters.

It matters to Arizona families, it matters to Arizona senior citizens, and it matters to everyday Americans across our country. It is the kind of work that will make a difference, and it is exactly what I’ll keep focusing on as Arizona’s senior senator.


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Yes, possibly one and the same person. It's been done before.


Off-topic, but important. Impeached, low-life, scum hands out “get out of jail free” cards to felons. The liar-in-chief, at the behest of FAUX News, granted clemency to 11 people, including several convicted felons who are either Fox News regulars or have been championed by the fake-news network. The family of one pardon recipient dished out massive contributions to the president’s re-election campaign just months before the losers clemency spree.

Among those granted pardons or sentence commutations were former Illinois Governor and disgusting crook Rod Blagojevich, who was sentenced to 14 years in prison for attempting to sell former President Barack Obama’s Senate seat; former New York City police commissioner Bernard Kerik, who was sentenced to four years in 2010 for tax fraud and lying to the feds; and Michael Milken, the “junk-bonds king” whose early-'90s insider-trading conviction made him a poster boy of white-collar crime.


Yeah right rovR**! Remembering Marc Rich, Dan Rostenkowski, Linda Evans & Susan Rosenberg “Weather Underground” bombers and Mel Reynolds Illinois corrupt DIM congressman etc. etc. by Clinton in the middle of the night on his last day in Office! Hooray for Fox News Channel, “Fair and Balanced” and No Propaganda! Check their ratings rovR** C’ya. (You C&P and I can C&P). [thumbup][tongue] Deaton also [offtopic]


During the “State of the Union” address 2020 I was mildly impressed with Senator Sinema seated with Dim legislators all wearing white outfits proclaiming their “resist” intentions, Sen. Sinema was wearing a bright blue outfit and trademark glasses. She rose and applauded on several occasions during the address while princess Nancy was fidgeting with what seemed to be an undergarment “problem” and loose denture? Sen. Sinema at least displayed an inclination to bi-partisan cooperation and I credit her for that. As for “resist’s” comment, candidate M. Kelly’s bid for AZ US Senator must be rejected! He will bring to Arizona “common sense” legislation such as AZ Senate Bill SB 1625 proposed by State Senator Rios A DRACONIAN gun confiscation law that will turn 2/3rds of Arizonan’s into class six felons! Mark Kelly is a rabid “gun grabber” who must be stopped! Vote for Trump / McSally in November, 2020! Don’t become a felon! [thumbdown][scared] Deaton


A thank you to our elected Senator for her efforts towards helping all of us as she does something about medical isues. And a big ONION to our illegitimate senator, who despite saying on 24 October 2018 she’s "leading the fight" to "force insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions," has done nothing She, of course, lied, but has come out with her first attack ad continuing her history of being a nasty b**ch.


Voting for Capt. Mark Kelly, running against said "illegitimate senator", Nov. 3, 2020, should fix the problem! I noticed that although Sen. Sinema had bipartisan help, Sen. McSally wasn't one of them! Doesn't she care about Arizonans?


Isn’t it curious that “commenters” such as “RISIST” always hide behind a “handle”, not unlike the radical and destructive ”ANTIFA”, always hiding behind masks while committing their assaults and vandalism? These “insurrectionists” despise our “bill of rights” and the free speech liberties of Americans. Man up, RESIST just who are you? Could it be Proudindi or HavasuGuy [batman] using a new “handle”? Enquiring minds want to know! [thumbdown][huh] Deaton


HG, Proud, RESIST and Rovr may all be the same one. That way one of them could have more support for their liberal views.


Seems rovR** is back in the “Onion” patch using misogynistic terminology to berate a female candidate for the junior US Senate seat from Arizona! Looks like rovR** and “Bloomy” are two peas in a pod growing in the onion patch. Come on RESIST! You can be a misogynist too! [thumbdown][whistling] Deaton


RovR** about your new “avatar” you should really try working with your “care givers” with application of your makeup and lip gloss! You look like the Clown you’re always accusing the rest of us of being. Hoo Rah! [thumbup][whistling] Deaton

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