Although Lake Havasu City currently has a positive balance in its general fund, city officials say Havasu’s ongoing expenses each year are greater than its annual revenue. To address that problem, the City Council may consider new taxes, including a commercial lease tax, a new sales tax, a new property tax or a new bed tax. Which of these proposals, if any, would you support?

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With all the new building here in Havasu you would think property taxes revenue would be increasing with it. If our council can’t figure out how to run on revenues already at their disposal and the increase in revenue with new real estate tax revenue I say vote them all out and replace the city manager.


Welcome to "Deficit Spending 101" and it wasn't any better when we had a Mayor that was also an accountant!


Very rarely are politicians motivated by common sense and decency. This includes Republicans, Democrats and Independents. They are motivated by huge donations to their "campaign fund" and a desire to be re-elected by rewarding their voting base with our tax money. The only fix for this is term limits--ONE. But unfortunately it's those same politicians that would need to enact term limits. UGH!


Why isn't "control spending" on the list? Isn't that what most of us do with our personal budgets? Some of us even get a second job when we have no control on our budget needs.


Agreed HG! Unfortunately, I’ve learned the hard way! A controlled budget is the only way.


Love this question, especially since many of you conservatives supported increasing pay for fire and police which is the largest draw on the general fund.


I would rather spend my my tax dollars on law enforcement and emergency first responders. So will you, if you need them. And, no I'm not referring to the radar police this city has become to generate revenue. Increased wages will keep and bring the good employees to these agencies, in our city.

If the city was that worried about the the fiscal budget, do you think they are worried about businesses going out, shutting down or just an opportunity to buy a 3 million dollar new home for a courthouse. I betcha the hotel/bed tax is doing really well though.

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