Editor: We received our second water bill with the total amount around $100.00 for sewer, garbage and water. Our water cost for the month was $9.18, the sewer cost was $61.29, this is a ridiculous amount that we’re getting charged for sewer. It’s a total rip off by our local city government. If I had known that the city was going to rip me off on sewer charges, I would NOT have voted for it.

What is the city doing? They must need more money to hire more non required people or dump more money in their stupid street dividers, so they raise the sewer bill and steal that money to spend in other useless projects. I just wonder if their was any way that us taxpayers could over rule the city and make the sewer bill a lot more reasonable.

Ted Martin

Lake Havasu City


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Can't be sure but this quote says a lot. "the sewer cost was $61.29". Since a sewer bill is based on water CONSUMPTION, then I would do some of the following. 1. Check for leaks inside and outside your home. Even small drips add up quickly 2. Make sure you have 1.5 or 1.25 gallon flush toilets. 3. Low flow shower heads are a must and will save vast amounts of water 4. Talk to the family and encourage shorter showers. Remind them we live in the desert and water is valuable. 5. If you have an old washing machine make sure you set the water level correctly for each load of clothes. The difference in gallons of water used is shocking. 6. Check outside sprinkler systems and make sure plants are getting the right amount of water. Consider drip system on timers. If you do at least some of these things it is quite possible your sewer bill will be in the $40 range. Good luck.


The sewer project was forced on Lake Havasu by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality because of the amount of septic systems in the city. The mistake that the city is making is only having the homes connected to the sewer paying for the system. There is a connection fee that is charged to hook up, that is okay. All water users should be paying for this city owned system, even the people still on septic systems. They don't have to pay the connection fee but they are still supplied water from the city and as residents of Lake Havasu they should be paying for the bonds that built the system. The city could supply septic owners with septic pumping services as needed. All residents of Lake Havasu should be paying off the city's debts, not just some of them.


Funny, sewer program came in approximately $60 million under budget, and 2 years early yet we have this complete misinformation to continue to be shared. Construction was done according to national/state and local established standards. Project was continuously audited. Not sure what contract you want audited, project was completed over 5 years ago. Your sewer rates are higher due to approximately half the bill is debt repayment, unlike Bullhead that created a separate funding mechanism outside their rates to pay the debt. The only way to reduce the payments is to start charging all the vacant lots that have sewer in front of their homes an assessment. But go ahead and continue to spout about what you don't know. Realtors and builders only made money because they could continue to build houses instead of facing a building moratorium like other communities had to work through. Bullhead is looking to buy their water system back because the private company running it has asked for back to back rate increases, as the debt is paid off our bills will go down, not up. But please file your complaint with the Attorney General, or go to the city and ask questions and educate yourself a bit.

Djanga Unchained

The sewer was a scam ripoff from the word go. Way over budget, inferior installation and the realtors - builders and city government involved in it have long skipped town laughing all the way to the bank. We the people can petition the city for an audit of the so called contract and demand adjustment or take it to the Attorney General Of Arizona.

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