Editor: While Noah Harris wrote an entertaining account of Colonel Sanders, it would have been better if he had checked his information for accuracy before releasing it. Colonel Sanders was, in fact, from Kentucky, but that is about the only accurate statement. Sanders had many odd jobs as a child to help support his family after his father died. He was operating a gas station when he began selling his chicken to travelers. This was so successful that he opened a restaurant. His title as “colonel” was honorary and given to acknowledge his success as a businessman. He was not a Confederate soldier or officer and he did not have a plantation or “plant”. He was not even born until 28 years after the civil war so there is no basis for these rumors.

Terri Green

Lake Havasu City


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Poor deaton, still not a cognitive thought just railing and attacking others like his messiah.


It is truly sad to watch the deterioration of what could have been a functioning brain. What is most disturbing is that these personal insults and attacks, no matter how specious, are allowed to remain. They really do little more than make our otherwise excellent newspaper look foolish for allowing such trash to be posted. And now one of the usual suspects will attack me.


Lil bOb is one of our local LHC Snicker-Doodles who had to change his handle from Lil rovR and his comments are often deleted for anger and violent out burst's.. He has a Special friend named HG you will notice Communist and Socialist rants on a daily bases. Lots of anger with touches of Psychosis. You will also notice they have 74% fo the Post's and currently one form has 98 Post's combined this is on the Cracks article. You will find a variety of Complaining, Winning, Copy and paste addiction, name calling repeating after repeating the same post and lots of fearing their hearts . These poor guys are very disturbed with little to no commonsense sorta amusing but a bit sad often Pathetic.

Take it with a grain of salt and enjoy all the wonderful articles our News Paper has to offer..


I fear I once again must apologize to new readers of these forums for the intrusiveness of my greatest adoring fan. Although the newspaper has this, “Be Nice. No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism that is degrading to another person,” as one of the rules for participating in these forums my adoring fans appeared to be allowed to circumvent such obvious behavior. My number one loving fan is so obsessed with me he quotes my words as homage to my brilliance. He talks of my military service as a means to lessen his shortcomings in that area – after all I was nothing more than a rifle carrying grunt trying to stay alive in the jungle while he was safely ensconced in a high-tech boat chasing SpongeBob about the sea bottom. He is so fixated on me he worries about my “meds” and my late-night work habits – being a writer I work whenever the mood strikes me and being an insomniac is actually a great help. And he is fascinated with my being an “old dude” - which is really kind of perverse having a “thing” for a 77-year-old, overweight, physically handicapped person. Over the years he has labored long and hard about my various successes – which I appreciate – including my being a well-known writer, a broadcaster and an all-around fascinating person. He loves me so much that he tracked down a YouTube video of me reading one of my stories on the air, something I didn’t know existed and I thank him for that. It is difficult to not be honored by the love and affection shown to me almost daily by my adoring fans.

However, with all of the love they show me in these pages my one wish is that someday one of them actually addresses the issues I discuss.


Hail, Hail, All Bow Down! “RovR** the Great” approaches! We must all “Address His Issues“, the Great rovR**’s wish is our command! Is there bigger pompous gasbag anywhere in Mohave County? Blowing kisses rovR**, Love youuuuuuu! [thumbdown] [love] Deaton


Here's the most famous liberal (Rovr)of LHC bragging about how great he is. He has to keep doing that every so often to convince himself he might actually be of some importance to society. But the fact is, nobody cares.


It should be pointed out that the original lying post abut Colonel Sanders was censored by the newspaper along with all responses. Too bad they continue to allow attack and insult posts from a select few to remain.


"Too bad they continue to allow attack and insult posts from a select few to remain." There ya go bragging about yourself again.


VA172, I think that’s what’s called “whimpering”, Bob the Great’s been doing a lot of that lately [thumbup][beam] Deaton


Why do C/F's lie - all of the time - about everything?

No Comment

What is a C/F? Seriously, I dont know...


No Comment, C/F is rovR** AKA Big Bob’s acronym for “conservative/fascist”. RovR ** fancies himself as “King of the Comments” in the Today’s News Herald”! He’s also the “comments” section “Spelling & Grammar” Cop. If you were to express an opinion that he views as “right” thinking, you will be verbally “Thrashed, Bashed, and Abused”! If your “autocorrect” were to change the spelling of a word, rovR** will verbally assault you with an insult (copied verbatim) “ “There is nothing funny about misspelling a word. It is a grievous mistake and one I take very seriously. Finding humor in such a situation demonstrates why DOT's (Defenders of Trump)are always incensed when their ignorance is pointed out because they do not value accuracy in communication”. . “Rovr 09/03/2019” “DOT means “defender of Trump” rovR** is in reality a world class JERK! You’ll notice that when he “posts” it’s in the middle of the night, I assume that’s when his last dose of of “meds” starts wearing off? rovR** is also an “old dude” and claims to a “Vietnam” veteran? He’s here everyday spouting lies and propaganda and casting insults and disparaging remarks at almost everyone. He’s got a couple of sycophants, HavasuGuy [batman] and Proudindi who follow him around like abandoned puppies. Stick around for awhile, I find his drivel somewhat entertaining and constant! [thumbup][beam] Deaton


Democrats never check facts before spouting off. They'd call for the removal of a "Bob's Big Boy" statue if there was one here. After all, Didn't Joe Biden claim the tubby little guy was a 'drummer boy' during the Civil War.


rovR** better watch out! “Big Boy” could be confused with “Big Bob” wouldn’t want “Antifa” pulling his carcass over and throwing red paint at him! [thumbup][love] Deaton


I posted the same facts about Harlin Sanders and poof, the whole thing vanished.


Got “deleted again” rovR**? [thumbdown][whistling] Deaton

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