Editor: Regarding the 350 to 400 homes added to Lake Havasu. Although the idea is noble, it’s not very practical. Just where do you expect to get the water for these homes, RV park, pool and other various needs for this project.? Please reconsider as this project is not for Lake Havasu.

Terry Brown

Lake Havasu City


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Terry, please look at the bottom of the hill, lots of water, and LHC has a water allocation for approximately twice the current population. If you are really worried about water contact your state legislatures that continue to support Data centers in Az, 1 data center can use as much water as our entire community.


Hi hvnfun:

Well yes there is lots of water at the bottom of the hill. But Lake Havasu City as a community does not have a big surplus. Unless of course things have changed since I was part of the Water Conservation Citizen Group a few years back. And yes 300 more homes won't make a big difference UNLESS we hit the next resource conservation level. Then things could start getting really interesting.

It is my hope that the development uses HIGH EFFICIENCY heat pumps for heating and cooling and evaporative coolers are prohibited. Studies has shown that evaporative coolers for a typical home use anywhere from 10-15 gallons of water per hour. Multiple that by 24 hours and then by 30 days per month and then again for 300 homes and you get some idea of just how much water evaporative coolers use. A typical HIGH SEER Heat Pump uses NO water and with the latest rates we are paying for sewer services costs will only continue to go up in the future.

So yes we will have enough water IF AND ONLY IF we plan ahead for a community that uses a minimum amount of water.

Now will the project ever get off the ground? That becomes the real question. If you pay $120,000 to $160,000 for the mobile home, finance it for 20 years and then add the space rental costs the project doesn't look very low cost or feasible for young families.

And Mobile Homes which are NOT attached to a permanent foundation like a MODULAR HOME typically go DOWN in value over time. If I were a potential buyer I would certainly take a really hard look at the financials before I bought into such a community.

Have a great day and I enjoyed reading your posting. And you are totally correct, data centers use lots of water in evaporative/wet cooling towers to cool computers. Most data centers are now using recycled or reclaimed sewer water for cooling to reduce costs. Excellent point.


Actuall, until the water problem is resolved LHC should stop all growth!


"Actuall", can't complete a coherent thought or what?

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